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  • I hate how executives are extreme morons. This was a great show...finally a creative show that didnt involve some type of special power or ran off the same basis like all the 500 CSI shows.

    I thought this show was awesome and I convinced many people to watch it and you are telling me the idiots cancelled it after only 7 episodes...what kind of crap is that. TV executives keep giving us more and more reason to hate them to the core. When I first saw this show, I was hooked and now theres nothing original on tv. Jeff Goldbloom was the perfect person to play this part, I dont understand how anyone could have not liked it...I think its just these idiots who dont promote the shows well enough and assume people are psychics and sit at their tv watching every channel non-stop. Its pathetic and it makes me wish somewhere in the world at least one tv executive learns from dumb decisions like these and actually gives shows a chance...but I doubt that will ever happen due to the fact they are all brain dead.

    The only channel that does anything right is Comedy Central but one channel in a world where some tv packages come with FOUR HUNDRED channels...thats just pathetic.