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  • One of those shows with real potential with a different take on the cop show format.

    Novel in its approach. At the base premise, the show utilised a mental illness to provide Raines with the mechanism to explore his own psyke. While at the same time providing the usually silent victims with a voice to comment on society. All was done quite well and provided a good dose of cop drama entertainment different from what is and was out there.

    Each episode brought a different type of criminal case providing variety to the plots which were not the most elaborate, but served adequately to explore what the writers were aiming for - examination of society's issues through the main character Raines. Full of intelligent character development, we never really got the best of the supporting cast. I imagine that the plan was to filter them in later on, once Raines' ability to project hallucinations of the vicitms was explored to a basic level. This was something that provided more variety. For instance, using vicitims with different age groups, having one of his victims speak a language he couldnt understand, having to explain to a child about her grusome murder, victims with a personal connection and then having to deal multiple victims. All of these provided an extra layer of conflict for the hero to overcome. As well as solve the story.

    Dialogue was good. With some episode having a handful of real belters. Sets and locations varied enough - though none really stood out. Yet as this show was more of an intellectual caper, they really only need to be good enough to support the premise.

    Enjoyable. Different. Intelligent. A real shame it was cut in mid-stride.