Season 1 Episode 4

Stone Dead

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2007 on NBC

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  • Pretty good

    Could have done without the pot smoking Granny. The comic book story was interesting. Annoyed the girlfriend keep saying that the older guy was like a father to the victim and he couldn't have cared less. The story of Charlie's son was good and realistic. Raines mad at Charlie and not realizing it was good.
  • Raines and Jack were the heart of this episode. Let's hope the show keeps breathing.

    What can I say? I’m falling for this show. This episode is the first episode that I felt really stood on solid ground compared to the last episodes. I have to say, the character of Raines is very intriguing when compared to some of the more notable characters on more popular shows. We start with the death of a “drug dealer” Jimmy who reminds Raines of Charlie’s son, Jack, who by the way, should definitely be in many more episodes. The chemistry between Jack and Raines had me glued to the screen any time they were together. The card scene, with Jack trying to teach Raines the whole game(which I somewhat understood because of my own two brothers), was just perfect. I loved Raines slight discomfort and complete fear of the thought of playing this game with Jack, who I love now. Raines’ lines were the funniest this season by far. The old doper woman had me laughing every time she opened her mouth, and Raines’ lines had me cracking me up as well. “What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.” I am going to be totally honest. I had to pause the video because I could not stop laughing. The lames joke ever told probably, but the way he said it coupled with the gang’s reaction just killed me. It was a very clever entertaining scene, especially when you add in the wiggling of one ear at a time. Jimmy’s character was significant in that he represented what the future might hold for Jack. Jimmy lived in group homes, without a real family, and Raines has to confront his fears that Jack may end up the same. I’m not saying the case was disinteresting or bad, I just liked the parallels between Raines and Jack more than the case itself. Maybe I’m just a character story person, but for me, this episode was about Raines’ fears for his dead partner’s young son, and trying to be the new father figure.

    The last scene, with Jack, Raines, Jolie, and Wally at the comic store, was very well done. Jimmy’s comic was put on display, Wally acted more like a father to Jimmy’s memory, Jolie realized how important she was to Jimmy, and Raines may just be able to put his fears to rest. He is a father figure to Jack, expressed by his fooling around with Jack as he holds the comic in the air and tells him to try and grab it. The drawing that “Jimmy” did of the two of them nearly made me sigh. When Jack grabbed Raines hand and said let’s go watch a movie, I thought, the boy’s got a chance…and so does Raines.
  • A more deep themed, excellent story-driven look at the aspects of good and evil... through the Raines' eyes. Will Good overcome Evil?!


    An episode that incorporates the virtues and structure of comicbook. Wrapped around what is an excellent story, that can only be compared to the one in the pilot episode.

    There are a number of themes that are woven together throughout this episode. The triumph of good over evil, the notion of a [super]-hero and their role, the perception of evil. All contribute to a story that sees Raines take on some of the traits of a supposed hero. These being his crime-fighting capabilities though moreso, because of his attention to his dead partner's young son.

    The story sees a the murder of a young man with aspirations [and the talent] to become a comic-book illustrator. Through this story we are invited through Raines, on a journey of what is the definition of Good and Evil, as firstly Raines believes the young man to have been the victim of a gang attack. This too's and fro's as Raines self-projected image of the victim changes. As the mystery unravels, we are questions that make us wonder what the true motive of the crime was. Rather like a philosphical contemplation on the whole comicbook folklore. Thus feeding back to the whole question of who we and it being a reflection of another aspect of humanity.

    Though the crime 'caper' is more than solid to stand on its own to feet, its Raines emotion-filled and tender scenes with Jack that add the knock-out element to this show, providing a balance to his need to solve the case and worrying for the fatherless Jack. Some excellent scenes underly Raines' obvious discomfort at fatherhood and taking on the replacement father role in Jack's life.

    The stories come together in what is now a 'typical' Raines ending, filled soulful if mild resonance.

    Definitely one to watch.
  • Raines was good dramedy.

    You've got to love Jeff Goldblum's way of delivering dialogue in hushed tones and warbling tempos. I'm going to say spoiler alert because of the gags. Despite the heavy theme of good and evil, orphaned kids, and murder it was very funny. The dead victim tells Raines how his comic book hero Pay/back survives by eating toxic waste. The detective quips: that lunchbox is gonna be a big seller. The old lady taking the weed glaucoma cure had a stuffed cat on her shelf and Raines said taxidermy was the highest form of flattery. Raines tried to threaten a tobacco shop owner with a retired drug dog the cop had to carry in because she was so old and when he set her down, she just veered into everything, breaking stuff. I wish this show could have stayed on the air, thanks for making me laugh creator Graham Yost.
  • Wow, not bad at all!

    This was the first episode of Raines I've seen and I must say, I'm impressed. I hate ghost whisperer and this show seems to kind of play on it, but not quite. Raines talks to a boy in this episode, Jimmy, through his imagination and what he finds out adds to the character he imagines. I like the idea. Jimmy was just trying to start over and do the right thing and save his father figure, but instead it backfires and he is killed. Raines also spent a lot of time with a boy, which I don't know the back story to, but it was an interesting story line. Overall, great episode and I will continue to watch.
  • Well I just started watching Raines today. amd I have to say that I really liked it.

    I like the fact that Detective Raines can talk to and see the person who was killed. But the person who was killed can not reveal who killed him. But Raines has to figure out on his own. This episode was pretty interesting since it was the first episode I saw. I really liked how they he figured out the case. Because the little boy told him that whatever you draw you are trying to tell something. SO then Raines gets the drawings that the person who died drew and figured out how he was killed and who killed him. Then at the very end I like how the person who is dead drew a picture of Raines and the little kid, then dissappeared
  • Young dead male,an drugs intersect in venice area. Detective Raine's has to find out who did the dirty deed.

    Raine's an company rock as usual, this episode has heart an loads of humor.Lets hope NBC show uncharacteristic good sense, an keep this show on. Given alittle time I know it will find it's audience. NBC must know it sometimes takes a show of quility, more time for the intelligent people to find out that there finilly is something for us.
  • Great episode...

    This is the first episode of raines that I have seen and I really like this show, it is a very good show. I loved the comedy in this episode like when raines went to the old woman's door and she comes to it and she is smoking dope. It was really funny when raines wiggled his ears up and down. Its really neat how he imagines having conversations with the dead its not a copy off Ghost whisperer or medium it is just a little similar. I can't wait to see next weeks episode its looks really funny as well. Later...