Season 1 Episode 4

Stone Dead

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2007 on NBC

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  • Raines and Jack were the heart of this episode. Let's hope the show keeps breathing.

    What can I say? I’m falling for this show. This episode is the first episode that I felt really stood on solid ground compared to the last episodes. I have to say, the character of Raines is very intriguing when compared to some of the more notable characters on more popular shows. We start with the death of a “drug dealer” Jimmy who reminds Raines of Charlie’s son, Jack, who by the way, should definitely be in many more episodes. The chemistry between Jack and Raines had me glued to the screen any time they were together. The card scene, with Jack trying to teach Raines the whole game(which I somewhat understood because of my own two brothers), was just perfect. I loved Raines slight discomfort and complete fear of the thought of playing this game with Jack, who I love now. Raines’ lines were the funniest this season by far. The old doper woman had me laughing every time she opened her mouth, and Raines’ lines had me cracking me up as well. “What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.” I am going to be totally honest. I had to pause the video because I could not stop laughing. The lames joke ever told probably, but the way he said it coupled with the gang’s reaction just killed me. It was a very clever entertaining scene, especially when you add in the wiggling of one ear at a time. Jimmy’s character was significant in that he represented what the future might hold for Jack. Jimmy lived in group homes, without a real family, and Raines has to confront his fears that Jack may end up the same. I’m not saying the case was disinteresting or bad, I just liked the parallels between Raines and Jack more than the case itself. Maybe I’m just a character story person, but for me, this episode was about Raines’ fears for his dead partner’s young son, and trying to be the new father figure.

    The last scene, with Jack, Raines, Jolie, and Wally at the comic store, was very well done. Jimmy’s comic was put on display, Wally acted more like a father to Jimmy’s memory, Jolie realized how important she was to Jimmy, and Raines may just be able to put his fears to rest. He is a father figure to Jack, expressed by his fooling around with Jack as he holds the comic in the air and tells him to try and grab it. The drawing that “Jimmy” did of the two of them nearly made me sigh. When Jack grabbed Raines hand and said let’s go watch a movie, I thought, the boy’s got a chance…and so does Raines.