Season 1 Episode 4

Stone Dead

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2007 on NBC

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  • A more deep themed, excellent story-driven look at the aspects of good and evil... through the Raines' eyes. Will Good overcome Evil?!


    An episode that incorporates the virtues and structure of comicbook. Wrapped around what is an excellent story, that can only be compared to the one in the pilot episode.

    There are a number of themes that are woven together throughout this episode. The triumph of good over evil, the notion of a [super]-hero and their role, the perception of evil. All contribute to a story that sees Raines take on some of the traits of a supposed hero. These being his crime-fighting capabilities though moreso, because of his attention to his dead partner's young son.

    The story sees a the murder of a young man with aspirations [and the talent] to become a comic-book illustrator. Through this story we are invited through Raines, on a journey of what is the definition of Good and Evil, as firstly Raines believes the young man to have been the victim of a gang attack. This too's and fro's as Raines self-projected image of the victim changes. As the mystery unravels, we are questions that make us wonder what the true motive of the crime was. Rather like a philosphical contemplation on the whole comicbook folklore. Thus feeding back to the whole question of who we and it being a reflection of another aspect of humanity.

    Though the crime 'caper' is more than solid to stand on its own to feet, its Raines emotion-filled and tender scenes with Jack that add the knock-out element to this show, providing a balance to his need to solve the case and worrying for the fatherless Jack. Some excellent scenes underly Raines' obvious discomfort at fatherhood and taking on the replacement father role in Jack's life.

    The stories come together in what is now a 'typical' Raines ending, filled soulful if mild resonance.

    Definitely one to watch.
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