Raising Hope

Season 1 Episode 10

Burt Rocks

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 30, 2010 on FOX



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    • Burt: If I go suck on stage I've got nobody to blame but myself.
      Jimmy: I get that, I do, but you also spent 20 years being known as a yard and pool guy and I think I remember you saying you wanted to be known for something more. (Burt nods) You can do this Dad, I know you can and if you don't I'll still love you but you gotta try!
      (Burt moves forward to hug Jimmy, Jimmy backs away and holds up a finger to signal Burt to stop)
      Jimmy: Do not kiss me on the lips!
      Burt: You stop saying stuff that makes me want to!

    • Virginia: (noticing Burt's strange behavior) Something's going on. I cooked that food and it is not delicious.

    • Virginia: (to Burt) I'm listening. You get back in there and stop procrastrubating.

    • Burt: Babies are cool... until you've done everything there's to do with them, then you get bored. That's why TV shows about babies never last more than a year.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: April 1, 2011 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Czech Republic: April 5, 2011 on HBO

  • Allusions

    • Smokey Floyd: Thanks Kenny.

      Gregg Brinkley, who plays Barney, starred with guest star Jason Lee (Smokey Floyd) in the Greg Garcia show My Name Is Earl, where he played a character named Kenny.