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You're on your own, Hope! Fox has announced that Raising Hope's upcoming Season 4 finale will also be it's series finale. In other, more plain and cruel words, Fox has canceled Raising Hope. The Chance family had a good run, though, lasting four seasons despite never being at the forefront of network comedies. Raising Hope will say goodbye with back-to-back episodes on Friday, April 4 at 9pm. 

Raising Hope's cancellation isn't too surprising given that Fox recently renewed New Girl, The Mindy Project, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. With those three comedies presumably anchoring Fox's Tuesday-night comedy block next season, they'll ultimately form a support group for whatever lucky in-development comedy ends up getting a shot on that night. That leaves Raising Hope on the outside, and since it's been sputtering on Friday nights (the most recent episode did a 0.5 rating in the adult demo), it was probably easy to cut. 

Fox still has decisions to make about Dads and Enlisted, neither of which is looking good for renewal. Sadly and despite all logic saying otherwise, I think Dads has a better chance of being renewed due to Seth MacFarlane's involvement and its cheaper-to-produce multi-camera format. Fox will debut its final comedy of the season, Surviving Jack, on Thursday, March 27, but unless it ends up doing really, really well, putting it on the air is just a formality.

Will you miss Raising Hope?

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Season 4 : Episode 22

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