Raising Hope

Season 3 Episode 19

Making The Band

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Feb 26, 2013 on FOX

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  • Will the band get back together for real?

    You need to push for it Greg.

    Only watching this homage episode got us all crying at home.

    We miss Earl!
  • Loved all the connections

    From the 'My Name is Earl' cast, to the Almost Famous references (Jason Lee also starred in that one), along with an airplane crash that goes to "Flight" too (black captain). Way to go Greg Garcia, keep up the good work and keep the Baltimore/Maryland references coming (Frostburg St. Rules!!) I still miss MNIE, and love to see everyone back together
  • OMG "Earl" Returns!!!

    Much like the time Earl lied to us and told us he drown at sea, this episode reminds us longtime fans about Earl's life after "the list". We didn't get the fairy tale ending we wanted with that show so the amazing Greg Garcia brought back the cast on his other hit comedy Raising Hope! I have a drinking game with a friend and fellow Raising hope/My Name is Earl fan, each time an actor or character or Camden is mentioned we take shots. It's a fun way to get sloshed on a Sunday. I'm am so grateful to have watched this episode today. Everything about it was magnificent, the story line with Hope's birthday, the new friends Jimmy and Sabrina were making, the overnight success of the Smokey Floyd 2.0 band (The Pour Some Breast Milk Tour t-shirt is on my wish list) I giggled throughout the entire episode..... I think this show has just reached cult status. While some of my other favorites are floundering this show bridges the gap between past,present and future. LONG LIVE RAISING HOPE!!!!
  • Second Chances Bucket list?

    Having been robbed of the chance to wrap up the My Name Is Earl storyline, it seemed like the producer was making sure to hit every every last item on the old bucket list before this show makes an untimely exit as well. It was nice to see the old gang heavily represented on Raising Hope. Not a lot happened that was original and the laughs were mainly pleasant chuckles. A nice filler episode.
  • My Name is Hope

    I did not recognize Earl without the mustache, when he showed up as this character in the other (flashback - tv news reference) episode. MY NAME IS EARL - I LOVED THAT SHOW. and everybody in it. It was criminal that it wasn't renewed. I was hoping to see the whole gang back when The Crab Man showed up on "Raising Hope" the first time. So when they all kept showing up in this episode, I thought it was great. And the little jokes about their show were killer. I'm surprised they didn't show a love connection for Randy and Catalina though. And no reference to FLIGHT? C'mon.. was it just cut? SOMEBODY had to have pitched that one.

    I LOVE Raising Hope. Way to go guys. Great Work. Funny as hell. Every character. Sweet.

    My Name Is Earl was a real winner! I know everybodys beyond it now but heres another vote to BRING IT BACK. I miss these guys together. Thanx for the memories
  • Great references

    I loved this episode even though it didn't have they're usual jokes, but instead they brought a lot of references regarding "My name is Earl", a show that was awsome at it's time. Loving it!
  • nice to see old friends

    I enjoyed all the My Name is Earl jokes, and it was good to see the cast all together. Enjoyed it completely, so this isn't a knock in any way, but when the plane was "crashing" I was kind of hoping that they would have to roll it like the plane in FLIGHT, which Nadine Velazquez was in. They made so many references and inside jokes, so I was hoping for that one. Also nice to see TVs Tim Stack, always a laugh. And the GreenMAn for It's Always SUnny, in rehab. too funny.