Raising Hope

Season 3 Episode 10

The Last Christmas

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Dec 11, 2012 on FOX



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    • Burt: Jimmy thinks you're a good mom.
      Virginia: Oh, please. Every week he dredges up some parenting disaster from our past. How I didn't breastfeed him, how his first steps were down a flight of stairs, how we forget him that time at a Whitesnake concert.
      Burt: Oh, come on. What nine-year-old gets to say they spent a week on the Whitesnake tour bus?

    • Virginia: (convinced that the world is coming to an end) Kim Kardashian hasn't tweeted all day. The government obviously has all the important celebrities hidden in an underground bunker. (computer chimes) Oh, wait, never mind. She was just getting a colonic.

    • Sabrina: I'll fight you.
      Maw Maw: You will?
      Sabrina: Oh, yeah. I've been wanting to punch you in the face ever since you told me I looked like Ralph Macchio in drag.

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    • Mike: That's my worst fear - to be here one day and gone the next. Like I never even existed.

      This is a possible reference to Skyler Stone's status with the show. In the pilot, he was listed as one of the regulars, but when the first season started, he was listed as recurring and appeared very rarely on the show after that, this being his first appearance since late season 1.

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