Raising Hope

Season 3 Episode 3

Throw Maw Maw from the House, Part II

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Oct 16, 2012 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • Maw Maw: (turning to the camera at the conclusion of the episode and breaking the fourth wall) Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion. (laughs) Just kidding. No, you can't stretch this crap into a three-parter.

    • Virginia: And nothing says family like squirting your 86-year-old grandmother in the face so she won't hit your granddaughter with a fireplace poker.

    • Joan: (watching Maw Maw threaten her cat) Oh, God, please, don't hurt my muffin!
      Burt: (confused) How could she hurt your...
      Joan: My cat, my cat's name is Muffin.

    • Jimmy: See, I've been trying to find an old person who hasn't lost their marbles so I can ask 'em, "how'd you do it?"
      Henry: Good genes and crossword puzzles.
      Jimmy: Puzzles and pants, got it.

    • Virginia: Oh, man. I'm glad neither one of us is claustrophobic.
      Burt: I know. It's bad enough that there's not enough air and the walls are closing in on me.

    • Sabrina: So far we have figured out which random household item will represent each one of us. And I still don't think it's funny that you made me the nutcracker.
      Burt: Oh, it's not what you think. It has nothing to do with that creepy vacant stare you do. We just chose that because you're always breaking Jimmy's balls.

    • Virginia: Maw Maw deserves to live out her days in her own home, surrounded by her loving family, who is hiding her in the attic.
      Sabrina: It certainly worked for Anne Frank.
      Virginia: See? Worked for Sabrina's friend, and it'll work now.

    • Virginia: (at the nursing home) Man, this place is on lockdown. It'd be easier getting into Tim Tebow's pants.

  • Notes

    • Maw Maw first plays "Chopsticks" written by British composer Euphemia Allen on the piano (which Virginia refers to as the Chinese Torture Song), then switches to "To a Wild Rose" by Edward MacDowell.

    • Gregg Binkley is credited but doesn't appear.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 16, 2012 on Citytv
      Czech Republic: February 19, 2013 on HBO

  • Allusions

    • An elderly man confuses Burt for himself as a youngster, which is an allusion to Looper, a 2012 Sci-Fi thriller in which Garret Dillahunt (Burt) recently co-starred in. In the movie, Bruce Willis plays the title character, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the younger version of the same character.

    • The old man yelling "Aliens! It's the aliens! They've come to make us young. Take us to the cocoons" is referencing the 1985 science fiction film Cocoon. In the movie, a group of elderly people were rejuvenated by aliens.

    • Burt and Sabrina name Uncles Mike, Tim and Bobby as the crazy ones in the Chance family. Coincidentally or not, the names appear to be taken from the show's producers - Mike Mariano, Bobby Bowman and Tim Stack.

    • Maw Maw is sent to the Earl J. Hickey Memorial Nursing Home located in Camden. This is another reference to creator Greg Garcia's show My Name is Earl, which ran for four seasons and was canceled in 2009. The main character's name is Earl J. Hickey and he lives in rural county of Camden.

    • One of the nurses in the home mentions Maw Maw talking winning an Oscar as her delusion. This is a reference to Cloris Leachman winning an Oscar in 1971 for her best supporting actress performance in The Last Picture Show.

    • When Maw Maw is flirting with Burt (who is disguised as an old man) she whispers "I'm not wearing any diaper." This is a reference to a famous line spoken by Chloris Leachman in the Mel Brooks comedy High Anxiety, when her Nurse character tells Mel Brooks' "I'm not wearing any underwear."

    • The episode title is a reference to Throw Momma from the Train, a 1987 comedy starring Danny DeVito, Billy Crystal, Kate Mulgrew and Anne Ramsey. While in this episode the Chances fight to keep Maw Maw in their house, in the movie, the main characters played by DeVito and Crystal conspire to kill their respective mother and wife.