Raising Hope

Season 1 Episode 14

What Up, Cuz?

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Feb 22, 2011 on FOX



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    • Shelly: Hey Sarge. I lost another one. An 84 year old women on a moped. Hair color? Would you just let me know if you find an 84 year old woman on a moped.

    • Virginia: And if you ever run into Xena Warrior Princess you still have my blessing.
      Burt: Just like you still have my blessing if you ever meet former Olympic hero Greg Louganis.

    • Burt: Second base. That's under the bra. Who knows what kind of nipple drama I'm going to find under there.
      Virginia: If the tables were turned, I'd do it for you!
      Burt: You'd go to second with my cousin Paul?! This day is blowin' my mind!
      Virginia: I'm not sayin' I would want to.
      Burt: You sure? 'Cuz it came out pretty quick?
      Virginia: Paul has neck hair and a chin the size of a flip flop but I would french the hell out of that circus freak if out house was at stake.

    • Maw Maw: (greeting different customers at the store) Welcome big nose and fat friend. Welcome lady and ugly baby. Welcome. Ooh, you smell bad. Deodorant is in aisle 3. Sup, lesbo's? Hey honey, I hope you're nice to your husband cuz he could have done a lot better. Hey, dancing freak. Welcome. Sorry, we don't sell chins. Welcome, wanna see my ass?

    • Delilah: (to Virginia) Hey, grandma! Burt told me you were a grandma. How does it feel to be a grandma, you old grandma?

    • Jimmy: (seeing his father hiding from Maw Maw) You might want to put a little hot sauce on your neck because if she catches you, that's where she likes to lick.
      Burt: Hey Jimmy?
      Jimmy: Yeah dad?
      Burt: Do you think this kind of stuff happens to other people in the middle of the night and their too embarrassed to talk about it?
      Jimmy: I hope so.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: April 29, 2011 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Czech Republic: May 3, 2011 on HBO

    • "Delilah" by Tom Jones plays as Virginia recounts her history with her cousin Delilah. "Help Yourself" by Tom Jones was also played.

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