Raising the Bar

TNT (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Happy Ending
      Episode 15
      In the series finale, Jerry takes a case involving a male massage therapist. Kessler's new boyfriend asks her for a legal favor. Roz is extorted by a man, who is the father of the baby she is caring for.
    • 12/24/09
      Bobbi and Jerry come to a crossroads in their relationship. Richard represents a student who is charged with pouring beer on a cop. Marcus deals with a hard case about a man charged with stealing food for his kids.
    • Maybe, Baby
      Episode 13
      Roz ends up with a baby after a regrettable turn of events. Jerry has difficulty with one of his clients who may or not be telling the truth about a rapist. Elsewhere, Bobbi confronts Jerry about his unsanitary ways.
    • 8/24/09
      Jerry faces off against Michelle when he defends a heroin-addled pregnant woman and Michelle wants her in jail so that her unborn baby stands a chance. Elsewhere, Roz takes a case for a carriage driver accused of abusing a horse and attacking a cop, but surprising details surface in the case.moreless
    • Bobbi Ba-Bing
      Episode 11
      Jerry defends a convict accused of killing a fellow inmate. The case takes a different turn when it turns out that Jerry's client was wrongly imprisoned. A new staffer works hard for a homeless man and finds a way to sue the city.
    • 8/10/09
      Bobbi takes the case of a woman charged with smuggling drugs that involves Michelle's cop boyfriend. Elsewhere, Jerry tries to obtain a better deal for his client and goes against Marcus over the issue.
    • Trout Fishing
      Episode 9
      Judge Kessler goes head to head with Judge Farnsworth over a case involving a mother set to go to prison. And Balco gives a murder case to Michelle, but the case goes to trial in a brief 48 hours.
    • Trust Me
      Episode 8
      Bobbi is put to the test while working on a case for a confidential informant who fears his powerful codefendant could have him killed. Jerry tries to assist Bobbi in the case, but his meddling backfires. Elsewhere, Richard uses his family name as leverage in a case.
    • Fine And Dandy
      Episode 7
      Jerry and Richard both fight for clients who received unfair verdicts. Richard has to go up against Judge Kessler who is preoccupied with a blind date. Meanwhile, Bobbi struggles to adjust to a life-shattering situation involving her ex-husband
    • When Jerry presents a case for a man charged with running over a corrupt lawyer, he plays on jury sympathy rather than relying on the facts of the case. Elsewhere, Richard rushes through cases, resulting in a judicial fumble and Bobbi's divorce proceedings advance.
    • Jerry takes on a pro bono case in which he defends a man arrested for running over his crooked lawyer with a car.
    • Jerry takes a case for a woman charged with drug possession, but the case stirs up a conflict between Jerry and Michelle's new cop boyfriend. Also, Bobbi defends a client battling larceny charges and Charlie and Judge Farnsworth share an interesting dinner together.
    • 6/29/09
      Jerry goes up against Balco in a child-pornography case. Meanwhile, Bobbi's divorce proceedings take a turn for the worse when Gavin exploits a legal loophole which sets life-changing consequences in motion.
    • Jerry gets into a heated conflict with Judge Farnsworth after his client is punished for his own tardiness, but Jerry is determined to have the last word.
    • Jerry and Judge Farnsworth almost comes to blows over Jerry's tardiness. Elsewhere, Roz and Richard work on a hate-crime case and Marcus' well-connected girlfriend puts him in a tight spot with Balco.
    • 6/15/09
      Jerry and Michelle go before an overly strict new judge and the case only gets worse when Michelle realizes that she may have feelings for a witness. Meanwhile, a case revolves around two older twins accused of falsifying a welfare check.
    • Hair Apparent
      Episode 1
      Jerry defends a man charged with permitting a relative to sell drugs out of his barbershop. Roz begins working on active cases again and Bobbi's divorce proceedings begin.
  • Season 1