Raising the Bar

Season 1 Episode 2

Guatemala Gulfstream

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 08, 2008 on TNT

Episode Recap

Public Defender Jerry Kellerman starts an opening statement in front of jury and Judge Kessler in a murder trial defending Edgar Rodriguez. As Jerry tells the jury about an eyewitness who can say that Edgar acted in self defense, the lead prosecutor, Tommy Sheridan, dies of a heart attack. Michelle goes to Nick to ask if she can be lead counsel as she was second chair. Michelle assures Nick that the witness will be stuck in Guatemala and will be unable to testify since she pulled an old misdemeanor charge up on him. Nick okays her being lead counsel.
Richard goes up against Marcus in court in the case of a high school student charged with assault. Richard lets it come out in court that the victim may possibly be racist. Michelle tells Jerry that since she is prosecuting her first murder trial, she wants to pause their relationship until the case is over. Meanwhile, Charlie flirts with a guy at the coffee shop.

Roberta Gilardi transfers to the Manhattan Public Defender's office and offers to help Jerry out of a jam. Back in court, Michelle and Jerry question witnesses and after the day is over, Vince, the corrections officer, tells Jerry about how his girlfriend heard about the DA's office snooping into Jerry's witness's warrants. Jerry confronts Michelle and she blames Sheridan.

Back in court, Richard continues to bring up the race card in defense of his high school student. Jerry tries to track down his witness, Pedro, and realizes that he was taken in after he got off the plane. Roberta offers to help since the warrant was in her old office, Brooklyn. Roberta gets the warrant dropped, but when Michelle finds out that Pedro is going to be released, she has him deported. Jerry asks Judge Kessler for a continuance but is denied.

Back at Richard's trial, the defendant, Terrence tells his side of the story. Marcus is bothered by the testimony, but does his job well. In Judge Kessler's court, Charlie faces his flirtation when he comes before the court. After hours, the attorney's congregate drinking and Jerry calls Michelle out on her desire to win and she leaves the bar.

After compelling closing arguments from Marcus and Richard, Terrence Fletcher is found guilty of second degree assault. Richard pleads to Marcus to have the charge pleaded down, but Marcus turns him down.

Jerry tries to get another witness to testify but Judge Kessler and Michelle deem the witnesses testimony as hearsay and Jerry is ordered to give his final summation. As Jerry begins his closing argument, Richard arrives with the news that the key witness Pedro Morales is there. Pedro testifies that Edgar acted in self defense. Michelle comes to Jerry with a deal, but Jerry tells her that she crossed the line this time.

Charlie is confronted in the hallway by his lover and is told that he's not going to let away. Nick slams Michelle for the not guilty verdict and tells her that she proved that she is not ready. Jerry closes the day late in the PD's office just as Roberta leaves for the day.