Raising the Bar

Season 1 Episode 2

Guatemala Gulfstream

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 08, 2008 on TNT

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  • Jerry and Michelle square off in a murder trial.

    The relationships of the main characters here are more on the soap opera side, and some of the attempts at comedy fall flat. (Consider the scene where an overweight prosecutor drops dead in court.) But that isn't why I watch. What I like about the series so far is the depiction of our justice system at work. The cases turn, not so much on justice and fairness, but on the whims of lawyers and judges who use the system to settle personal scores and advance their careers. Here, Michelle is prosecuting a client of Jerry's who is accused of murder. She knows that Jerry has a Guatemalan witness who can prove that the client acted only to defend himself. Justice requires that the witness be heard, but Michelle is trying to make a name for herself, and she arranges for the witness to be deported before he can testify. And the judge continues her vendetta against Jerry by refusing to allow him time to get the witness back into the country. This aspect of the episode kept me involved.
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