Raising the Bar

Season 1 Episode 2

Guatemala Gulfstream

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 08, 2008 on TNT



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    • Michelle: Man 1, Five flat.
      Jerry: I'm sorry, what?
      Michelle: That's my offer.
      Jerry: Amend it. Pedro just hit a grand slam.
      Michelle: (rolls her eyes) I have a grieving family out there, Jerry.
      Jerry: You have a bad case you tried to make good. We'll take Man 2 and a year.
      Michelle: Okay, give me ten minutes.
      Jerry: The jury could come back in five with an acquittal.
      Michelle: Man 2, two to six.
      Jerry: No. He gets paroled today, time served. You crossed the line, Michelle.

    • Michelle: So do I get it?
      Nick: Yeah. (as Michelle walks away) Don't let your nuts get too big for your skirt.
      Michelle: That's disgusting.
      Nick: I'm serious. Thank you.

    • Nick: Do you know what the problem is with women lawyers?
      Michelle: No.
      Nick: Problem is they are women.

    • Michelle: I want this case, Nick.
      Nick: You couldn't even wait until the wake!

    • Jerry: The only reason Pedro isn't here is because of the prosecution's questionable ethics. They've gone out of their way to make it impossible for the case's only eye witness to testify. Fifteen years ago the guy was stopped for three joints and a roach clip.
      Judge Kessler: A fact that Miss Ernhardt found before you did. Don't dump your problems in my lap!

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