Raising the Bar

Season 2 Episode 1

Hair Apparent

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2009 on TNT

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  • A great season premiere picking the show up right where they left off.

    Overall this was a very good episode. The running joke with Jerry's hair was very well done and entertaining to watch. The cases in this episode were interesting but nothing mind shattering happened. This was a more of a set the tone kind of episode. Most of the characters took a backseat to this episode Jerry along with a few others were the main focus of this episode so some cast members were a little absent that would be my only complaint about the show. So overall a well done season premiere they set up a lot of characters for future story-lines especially the love triangle between Jerry, Michelle, and Bobby that will be interesting to watch and see how it is played out. I love shows with great season premieres, and this was a great season premiere I look for the show to get even better as it goes on this season.
  • Jerry is defending a barbershop owner accused of drug dealing under the new DA's zero tolerance policy. Rosalind gets back into the court room defending a hockey mom that is crossed by a trophy wife/mother trying to take over the team.

    Pretty solid second season premiere. Jerry comes to a conclusion when he is told point blank that a man trusts Marcus more than him because of the way he looks. Imagine that. The next day Jerry shows up looking sharp with a new haircut. Unfortunately perception is reality for most people and looks can be deceiving but most people don't look beneath the surface.

    In the case of the barber and the drug dealing I do think it comes down to trust. Who would you believe, an Uncle who is a solid citizen and a local business owner just trying to take care of his nephew, or the nephew drug user/dealer who just made a deal to get out of prison by fingering his Uncle?

    The hockey moms case was sort of humorous in that the other women got together pooled some money and signed affidavits to the fact that the snooty mom with money really started the problems. I guess she will be spending some of that cash on her lawyer in the near future. I liked the scene at the end with Jerry and Michelle. They look good together and we'll see where that goes. The bit with the candy bars and beer is cute. I really think Bobbi is probably playing it smart in the meantime with Jerry as she needs to get out from under that scumbag of a husband. He gives you the creeps just looking at him. Jerry doesn't seem to want to be very understanding though.

    I am going to have to go back and take a look at all of the first season episodes. TNT does know drama! Thanks for reading...