Raising the Bar

Season 1 Episode 6

Hang Time

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2008 on TNT
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Jerry defends a man who followed a hit and run driver and then stole from him. Bobbi's latest case involves a domestic -violence dispute which has the wife refusing to press charges.

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  • This week, we get more acquainted with Bobbi from Brooklyn, Kessler finally feels (some) sympathy for Jerry, and Michelle begins to question the person she's becoming.

    I thought this episode was really well done. I felt for Bobbi, which is interesting because I'm Team Jerry/Michelle. Although I thought the second conversation with her and Gavin could have been done at their home instead of the office ('cause it turned into a little bit of a melodrama at that point), the storyline was well written. I'm glad she didn't testify for him and she did leave after the first time. But I think it was realistic that she's still unsure if her marriage is over.

    As for her client, I thought that was going to turn out differently. I had the wife pegged as the one who would turn up dead, so it was a nice (but sad) twist there. And yay for Josh Stewart! Like I said, I'm Jerry/Michelle, and that makes me a Michelle fan, but I was kinda on Jerry's side in terms of her actions in their case this week. Just because the precedent works in your favour doesn't make it right. There's a reason judges are hesitant to follow precedents sometimes, and in certain cases go right out and disobey them. But the important thing here was that scene at the end where Balco congratulates her. You can tell she's not as pleased to have his approval as she would have been a few episodes ago. It'll be interesting to see where that goes in the next few episodes.

    A Raising The Bar ep isn't a Raising The Bar ep without a bar scene, and I enjoyed this week's. It was fun to see them argue without it turning into an actual personal fight for once (although I did enjoy the Jerry/Michelle showdown from 1x02). Let's have more of that in the future.

    Overall, great ep!moreless
Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson

Elise Denton

Guest Star

Page Kennedy

Page Kennedy

Sherron Nettles

Guest Star

Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart

Dan Denton

Guest Star

Heath Freeman

Heath Freeman

Gavin Dillon

Recurring Role

Jon Polito

Jon Polito

Hon. Dominick Ventimiglia

Recurring Role

Wayne Lopez

Wayne Lopez

Bob the Court Clerk

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Elise Denton: We scream. We fight. We throw things. It's not about hurting each other. This sounds weird, but it's about expression.
      Bobbi: Expression?
      Elise Denton: Like I said, Dan is brilliant. And when you're with someone like that, there's a place where fighting and destruction and love and sex, it all becomes part of the art.

    • Bobbi: I'll give you the address to a men's shelter. I know it sucks, but if you want to stay out of prison, you're gonna have to trust me right now.
      Dan Denton: The shelter? It's prison already.
      Bobbi: Believe me, there's a difference.

    • Marcus: I'm gonna need your cooperation. You have to sign the complaint.
      Elise Denton: Screw my cooperation. Screw the complaint. And screw you!

    • Sherron Nettles: Bunglebees.
      Jerry: What's that?
      Sherron Nettles: (talking about his son) Oh, it's what Christopher used to call the big bees in the park. Usually when he got frustrated, 'bunglebees.'

    • Jerry: I want you to dismiss the case.
      Michelle: And I want a four-bedroom house at the Hamptons.
      Jerry: I'm serious.
      Michelle: So am I. Difference is, with a little time, I actually have a shot at the house.

    • Marcus: All I care about are the odds, Bobbi. And for every Dan Denton, there are a hundred battered women in the hospital or the morgue. Because nobody thought it was their business to do anything about it.
      Bobbi: The system isn't equipped to assess a marriage, Marcus. That's up to the people who are in it.

    • Jerry: The fact that it's legal does not make it right.
      Judge Kessler: On the contrary, Mr. Kellerman, the fact that it's legal is precisely why it's right. Questions of ethics are for the Ethics Committee.
      Jerry: No, no. But they're not. They're for us. For you. For her. Me. Sending someone to prison on a technicality might make great politics, but it isn't honorable. When we rig the process or load the dice for either side, we forfeit the one thing that sustains this entire enterprise -- legitimacy. The bedrock belief that no matter who you are, you'll get a fair shake. Not a knowing wink or a head fake. Lose that, and the system is not worth saving.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Sherron Nettles: Just skip trial. Straight to prison. Do not pass go.

      A Chance card in the popular board game Monopoly reads: "Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.00."

    • Michelle: Final jeopardy, Jerry. Take the plea or worry about the 25 years I'm gonna ask for after trial.

      Final Jeopardy is the last round played in the long-running trivia game show Jeopardy! where the contestants are asked to wager anything from a dollar to all of their cash earnings and answer one final question.