Raising the Bar

Season 2 Episode 4

No Child's Left Behind

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 29, 2009 on TNT

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  • No Child's Left Behind

    Episode 4 of Season 2…. I'm on the fence. This episode focuses on a child pornography case where a man posts a nude picture of his son on a private website in a display of family photos and it is taken and sold as child pornography. The father is prosecuted as a sex offender. The audience is left to decipher the extent of the exploitation of the child, supposedly originating in innocence as both sides present their cases. As with all of the cases in this series, the accused seems innocent, and it is up to the DA to show us otherwise. – a spin on the real justice system, in my opinion.

    I like the character of Nick Balco, and want to see him get more screen time, but the DA's case seemed weak to me, especially the closing arguments which were touted in the episode to have "killed." Jerry Kellerman had a much better defense. I found it hard to believe the jury could be hung. But that's just me. I think Currie Graham does a great job in the role of Balco and hope the character gets to reveal more of his legal chops soon, so that the actor can showcase his broad range of acting skills. The office-based legalese banter and borderline sexual harassment have established that Balco pushes the boundaries, but the character has not yet been given enough development to let us decide as an audience where he stands with us.

    The side story of this episode has Bobbi's divorce settlement heating up with the incendiary ingredients that always rile me up where one party gets ridiculously greedy and aggressive, and needs to be knocked down a peg. I was pretty satisfied with the gratuitous result. It worked for me!
  • far too far fetched this time

    hmmm... a guy being given sex offender status for for having a picture of his kid in a tub on his social networking website just because some creep stole the image and sold it as pornography? I dunno. I just couldn't buy Balco's zeal on this one. It was way out of character for him (this is the guy who told Ernhardt not to ... oh darn it is too distasteful to even repeat - the guy is a genuine creep!). It just didn't all add up. And the arguments in court weren't believable either. The one redeeming part was how Jerry's poor negotiating skills were again well shown as he told Balco to "do the right thing FOR ONCE" - yeah lines like that usually bring people right around! hahah Also, I LOVED the subplot with Ros blackmailing Gavin into treating Bobbie decently in the divorce - - though i'm slightly nervous it may make B let her guard down about that SOB and maybe get back together. nah. she wouldn't do that. would she?