Raising the Bar

Season 1 Episode 8

Out on the Roof

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on TNT
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Episode Summary

One of Charlie's friends is arrested and Charlie arranges to have Jerry handle the case, but then is put in front of Charlie's boss, Judge Kessler. Michelle calls Jerry in to intercede on one of Bobbi's cases.

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Wilson Cruz

Wilson Cruz

Rafael de la Cruz

Guest Star

Alex Sol

Alex Sol

Det. Winoski

Guest Star

Sonny Marinelli

Sonny Marinelli

Det. Frank DiMeglio

Guest Star

Jon Polito

Jon Polito

Judge Dominick Ventimiglia

Recurring Role

Angel Oquendo

Angel Oquendo


Recurring Role

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    • Marcus: The wife's original description has the suspect as a white male in his early thirties.
      Det. DiMeglio: Yes.
      Marcus: Timmy Nolan's eighteen.
      Det. Winoski: He looks old though. Life of crime. It can do that to you.
      Marcus: Savvy.

    • Jerry: If you look at the complaint, Judge, it asserts that Mr. de la Cruz offered and I quote, 'ecstasy to Undercover No. 6734.'
      Judge Kessler: And?
      Jerry: Ba' I'm confused about what actually happened here. Webster defines ecstasy as joy or exaltation or bliss. Maybe he meant bliss.
      Judge Kessler: (sarcastic tone) Yeah. Maybe.

    • Judge Kessler: You're pushing about all of my buttons, Mr. Kellerman!
      Jerry: Not the one that makes you a decent judge.

    • Jerry: I'll see what I can do.
      Michelle: You rock.
      Jerry: If we can talk about Rafael de la Cruz.
      Michelle: Did I say rock? I meant suck.

    • Bobbi: The deal Timmy should be getting is freedom, considering he's innocent.
      Frank: Isn't that your job? Are you a lawyer or just a pair of tickets? (stares at her breasts)
      Bobbi: Maybe if you stop looking at my tickets, Frank.

    • Rafael de la Cruz: I'm a better person with you in my life.
      Charlie: But I'm worse. And I'm not willing to live with that.

    • Jerry: (to Charlie) We all have secrets. But what pisses me off about your secret is that it's so damn unnecessary!... You can be a gay judge. That's acceptable. But what you can't be in this world is a liar!

    • Richard: We're all going over to the bar if you want to join us. Probably be talking about, I don't know, work.
      Roz: Hm, really?
      Richard: Yea for a change.
      Roz: Thanks but, um... I'm going to make my way home soon.
      Richard: I was uh... I was thinking about what you said the other day about, um, about me being blind.
      Roz: I was rude I'm sorry.
      Richard: No you were right. You see when it comes to the uh arena of women um... I have a blind spot where I just kinda miss stuff.
      Roz: Richard...
      Richard: So it occurred to me that I might have missed something when we were talking about Lisa Landis.
      Roz: Like what?
      Richard: Like that you were jealous.
      Roz: Don't be ridiculous.
      Richard: I'm just throwing it out there.
      Roz: Well, reel it back in.
      Richard: Okay. (Richard walks to the door) But just in case I'm still right, I want you to know something. If you said you were available, no other woman in the world would exist... I'll see you tomorrow.

    • Charlie: Rich when was the last time you...
      Jerry: got laid!
      Richard: What are you talking about?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Det. Winoski: I love these ADAs. They all love to be Kojaks as long as we do all the dirty work.

      Theo Kojak (Telly Savalas) is a New York Police detective lieutenant in the '70s crime drama Kojak.

    • Bobbi: How much do I hate Michelle Ernhardt right now?
      Jerry: (raises both arms, about a meter apart) This much?

      The exchange is very similar to the one Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare have in the children's book Guess How Much I Love You, which was written by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram. Instead of hate, they were 'measuring' one's love for the other.