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  • It is very disappointing to find that this show is canceled. It was refreshing, humorous, interesting, and had me coming back for more each week. It wasn't properly marketed and I never knew when it was being aired. I will miss this show.

    There should be more shows like this one! Good story lines, interesting characters with just the right amount of tension, and a wonderful cast. I am so disappointed that it is no longer on the air. It was not advertised like some of the other shows, and it was sometimes difficult to find. I used to look forward to this show each week and now sadly it has been canceled. Mark-Paul Gosselaar did a wonderful job portraying a young, idelic, overworked attorney, trying to make a difference, and work for his client at the same time. I hope the network will reconsider.
  • This show is awesome.

    For those whom say that the lawyers and judges would be sanctioned doesn't know what they are talking about. These people think judges have all this power. They don't. All they have the power to do is to keep order in the courtroom. If a previous case similar to the one at hand has already been ruled, the judge has to rule the same way as she/he ruled by precedent. Also not all the clients, in fact most of them, that the public defender's defend are not all innocent or completely for that matter. The heroin abused mother, the child molestor accused of killing the kid he molested, etc. There have been others. The heroin abused mother, honestly needed to have her kid taken away from her, the child molester didn't kill the kid but still had to do his time for being a child molester. Lawyers can be vindictive when it comes to winning a case. It is frowned upon but you don't always get sanctioned for it. Also there has been at least one or two episodes where the prosecution admitted fault. The girl accused of drug trafficking and then found the real drugs. She found out how bad the cop was that screwed her over. She literally thought she should have been fired but her boss kept her even telling her he shouldn't. To get your people prosecuted and get your people off sometimes you willing to do things you wouldn't normally do. You don't always get sanctioned for every wrong thing you do. I am going to Heald college right now for a Paralegal degree. We don't get to practice law but we have to usually know more about the law than the lawyers we work for. We are in fact required to know the law front and backwards and/or know where to look up the most current statute or law when we don't know it or even to make sure it hasn't changed.
  • Great Show with interesting cases.

    Rasing the Bar takes the whole legal drama genre to the next level. The passion of Kellerman with the tension between he and his (ex) girlfriend all creates a formula for cant even get up to use the bathroom during commercial break T.V. Sunday and Tuesday's are the most painful days of the week as I wait for the current and next weeks' episode to air. God bless DVR as these are the caliber of shows that its creators intended to not be missed. Bobbi from Brooklyn meet up with me in Cadman Plaza im sure we could have good conversation.
  • The best damn T.V. show period

    Rasing the Bar takes the whole legal drama genre to the next level. The passion of Kellerman with the tension between he and his (ex) girlfriend all creates a formula for cant even get up to use the bathroom during commercial break T.V. Sunday and Tuesday's are the most painful days of the week as I wait for the current and next weeks' episode to air. God bless DVR as these are the caliber of shows that its creators intended to not be missed. Bobbi from Brooklyn meet up with me in Cadman Plaza im sure we could have good conversation.
  • I thought it was good ***{|}***{|}*** ^ \_/

    i don't know if it my lack of SVU or maybe its just a good show. but i was hook the first last half of the show. and i mean i didn't have high expectation i thought it was just going to be another one of thoes shows that writers make without thought and give some child actor the role to bring them back. but i watched for Zack and his long hair and i watched for lois (from MITM) and it turned out to be a great show. i like how there is always so many different cases. and they actually make me yell at the TV. so i liked it an everyone is pretty much a good actor and great writing and everything.
  • Mark Gosselaar is Perry Mason meets John Lennon in this very intense show about the legal system which isn't always fair.

    In the 80's it was Hill Street Blues, the 90's it was NYPD Blue, and in the 00's it is Raising The Bar for hit producer Steven Bochico. The show has a great cast, the cases are intense, and even the hanky panky outside the courtroom is very intense the watch the show. This show will change how you feel about the legal system. The ADA's are trying to put people in jail and the PD's want the innoncent to go home. I especally love seeing Jerry Kellerman fight with Judge Trudy and I love seeing Jerry fight for his clients and prove they are innocent and save the day like Perry Mason did almost 40 years ago. I think what I love about the show is these lawyers are really dedicated to what they do and they want justice but sometimes the victory gets in the way of the justice. Raising The Bar is a winner!!!!
  • Looks interesting

    For what I seen in the commercials this show is going to be excellent and I hope it doesn't fail. Jane Kaczmarek ("Malcolm in the Middle") Is one great actress and for the look of the promos on TNT she will make one Powerful ultra Judge. I always loved cop shows(Except in Plain sight) So this show is going to become another one of my favorites. TNT is getting up to shape after horrible stuff like "Saving Grace" or the constant Golf courses that interrupt Law & Order Airings. Woo!! Hope this series last as long as Law & Order.
  • Monday nights are a hard night to sit down in front of the TV but I make a point to do it for this show at 8:00 p.m. MST.

    I had missed the last couple of shows and was so disappointed because the premiere and 2nd show were so good. TNT did me a favor and did a replay of all of the shows last Saturday. I was so amazed at how much better it got every show. The acting is superb. I do wish Mark-Paul Gosselaar would rethink the long hair but I will still watch. Good writing and it makes you wonder how anything in the courts ever gets accomplished. What a mess our legal system is. It makes you wonder how many lawyers actaully stick to doing the "right" thing. I will continue to watch for the acting, stories and for the personal stories developing. Very interesting to see where it all goes.
  • This is a show that could turn into something good.

    In the pilot the show starts off with a lot of characters really only getting in depth with a few, but the characters it does focus on you really do like. This could become a really great show. Based on the pilot I think it will. The show focuses on daily things that a lawyer might have to deal with, and in some cases the system that they deal in can be flawed or biased and justice might not always be served. It also shows how many things in the criminal court system can be affected by personal relationships. I'm really interested to see how this show will turn out, but from what I saw in the pilot it has a lot of potential to do great.
  • I think its about time

    I really think this show is timely and great..They seem to be taking on the criminal justice system in a way no on has before. The pilot seems to need a little fine tuning. But, I can see great potential in the show. Mark-Paul's acting is wonderful. So happy to see him back on another show. The thing I like about it, is it's not so black and white. Its not "just because you made a mistake you are a bad person". It's different. It shows how people get caught in the criminal justice system. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next.
  • Interesting characters some old and new faces! Would love to see how this turns out!

    I must admit... I didn't plan on watching this show. However, there was nothing else on that I wanted to watch. It just so happened I kept it on the same station that Raising the Bar was on. In the beginning I found it to be very slow and typical of many law shows that are on. (part of my bias was seeing an old saved by the bell cast member)My opinion changed mid-way through the show! There were twists that I did not expect! Very interesting and entertaining! I would love to see the next episode. There is alot of diversity in the cast. Old and new faces!
  • Ignorance of the law is no defense, apparently.

    I started viewing Raising the Bar on episode 3 of Season 2, and liked it enough to power through all of the previous 12 episodes over the past few days. I like shows that are credibly written and acted to create a viable chemistry between the characters that thrives on the conflicts created in each plot line. After reading some of the more critical reviews previously posted, I also realize that I'm not as demanding of my characters as some, as long as they grow within the role. While Boston Legal offered such brilliance and audacity through its extreme court case scenarios and character personalities so as to require a suspension of disbelief, the cases portrayed in Raising the Bar are more believably probable. I qualify this statement by adding that I have basically zero legal experience, and so would not really know how credible this show's story lines actually are.

    What I do know is that the conflicts between the characters in Raising the Bar that develop as a result of their personal drives for success, or jurisprudence, or of an abuse of power, are all quite believable to me. And the fact that the majority of the characters are long time friends makes me grateful to be a spectator rather than a client.

    For me, this show gets better and better with each episode.
  • Competent legal show with high production values.

    I've seen the preair pilot, and although predictable it was very enjoyable. Good acting, cast, sets, and overall production values. The writing was as good as it could be given the constraints of having to establish characters and back story, hopefully this will improve as the series progresses.

    One of the few problems the show had was with wardrobe, and if even I can notice this sort of thing it must be bad. The costumes worn by Mark-Paul Gosselaar look as if they have been torn straight from the back of Gregory Peck in "To Kill A Mocking Bird", someone needs to tell wardrobe to tone it down a little.

    Also, in my opinion, the pilot episode focused a little too much on Mark-Paul Gosselaar's character. I think the writers would do well to give more attention to the other characters in future episodes.

    I really enjoyed the pilot and think it shows promise. I will be watching any further episodes.
  • This show is a mix of Conviction, CSI, and Boston Legal. It has a little bit of everything for everyone to love.

    I have already seen the pilot episode for this show, and it is great. You would expect more drama for the pilot episode, but the show shows great work and potential. It will be huge! The first few minutes start off slow, and you are unsure of what is happening. But, then the story line is brought out and you are amazed. Not only are you amazed, the pilot episode bring out so many questions unanswered that will equal many many seasons of exciting and new material for the writers to come up with. This show is the next big thing!
  • Too Bad I Missed the Original Run

    Very good show, watching on Hulu now. Missed the original run even though I always wanted to catch it. Just finished season 1 and started S2. Loved S1 but S2 is leaving me dissapointed, they are not finishing storylines (read cases), and we do not know the results. Characters are great though.
  • There is potential here, if the producers are willing to make some significant changes.

    I went out of my way to watch the pilot episode, becoming one of the millions drawn in by the advertising. Given the cast, the producer, and the basic premise, I expected solid, engaging entertainment.

    Instead, I got the undisciplined, mouthy attorney versus the over-sexed, maniac judge. That judge has to go first, either much less of her or a sturdy rewrite. Anyone can have moments of extreme arrogance or profound stupidity, but all she did was swing between the two. Give her a gag, a courtroom law refresher, and HRT, somebody, and quick.

    Then there's Jerry, our impassioned public defender. The job apparently requires really bad hair. Jerry also needs to revisit law school along with the judge (a one-photo ID? Not lately.), along with a few charm classes. But he has heart and a lot of potential. Just stop writing him stupid.

    Charlie is the best character in the show, both as written and as acted. Don't change anything about him.

    Anything Gloria Reuben does is good. I'm glad to see her in a series. Same goes for Jaime Richards.

    Prosecuters who will stop at nothing to get the "W" irrespective of the truth no doubt exist but, at least this week, behave so at their own peril. This show has an office full of prosecutorial alligators: small brains, totally focused on the successful destruction of their prey. Right out of the chute, Jerry's honey does all she can to hide his exculpatory witness so she can get her win. She doesn't care that his client may well be innocent or that her behavior will undoubtedly terminate their relationship. She doesn't even seem to register either issue.

    Assuming that this show doesn't mean to be a total farce, and that I just missed the times I was supposed to laugh, then it has gone way too far in its attempt to show the flaws in the legal system. By pushing the stereotypes so far out of whack, the show negates its message altogether.

    Good news is that the next two episodes do seem to address some of the glaring problems of the pilot. They still aren't where they could be, but there's hope.
  • Not the most gripping introduction for a pilot, I love crime and law shows and will keep watching, hoping for a more substantial storyline and stronger development of characters.

    The main lawyer Jerry Kellerman is an annoying character ,a boy who it is hard to believe graduated from law school - they learn tact and how to play the game there. He comes off as annoying, juvenile and brash. The Judges are idiots and if they represent justice and fairness the legal system is in a mess. While saying all that I think the central concept of the show, public defenders is great, and given that a majority of defendants can't afford the high priced lawyers and there are enough shows from the prosecution side there is a lot of scope for this show.
  • Legas shows are not for me...

    ...especially this one. I watched the first two episodes, and I cannot go over the fact that the lead character is just plain annoying (watching him making almost exactly the same tirade against the judge didn't help), a loose cannon, I don't think he would last long in an actual court without being disbarred. On the relationship front the show is a mess, by my point of view, lawyers working for prosecution and defence that manage to maintaining their friendship??? It's beyond me: how could they calling themselves friends after throwing crap at each other in court? sorry, but that's it for me. Maybe the show gets better, after this "not so great" start, but I don't see it losing this unbelievable friendship front (I don't even try to address the love relationships).
  • Cheap Money!!

    Let's face it; the fact that this show was cancelled shouldn't surprise anyone. TNT casted actors that still have some popularity and had then do a show. Why, because they came cheap. None of these actors and actresses are commanding even a medium amount of money. As with any star that's playing on TNT, Lifetime or other networks like it. That's went you as an actor should know your career is just about over and it time to move on to something else.

    Charlotte Rae played Mrs. Edna Garrett on Facts of life said it the best after the show was cancelled.

    Charlotte Rae: Now I go off to Lifetime to die!!
  • It does look however, with such good actors, that it could become an amusing, easy-watching show, when nothing else is on.

    Another TNT show, this time starring actors from other success shows, like Gloria Reuben (ER) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (NYPD Blue). It is about a law firm consisting mainly of a couple of friends who went to law-school together. In the pre-air episode we follow the gang in court and at the office mainly. One character stands out as the one who brings trouble by his beliefs, and that is the character of Mark-Paul. He gets the biggest attention from the writers, and as it seems he is the most interesting one of them all, even if future episodes probably will turn focus to the others as well. The acting was good and the writing and directing ok, but the problem is that we have seen it all before. It does look however, with such good actors, that it could become an amusing, easy-watching show, when nothing else is on.

  • Pathetic script. Every lawyer on this show would be disbarred.

    I've given this show multiple chances hoping that it would get better, but it's the same tired story every episode. All the prosecutors and judges are corrupt. Additionally all the public defenders are inept and have no concepts of how to gather evidence. For having so many innocent clients, the public defenders seem completely unable to ever gather evidence proving the client's innocence. Instead the PD's rely on begging prosecutors and judges to believe that the client is innocent. And magically, most of the accused are innocent. When these innocent clients with intentionally sympathetic backgrounds are found guilty, the PD's (especially Jerry) rely on lengthy in-court speeches to prove the show's main point (real creative Stephen). Furthermore, the prosecutors are apparently completely devoid of any concept of prosecutorial discretion. Everyone one of these lawyers would be sanctioned by the state bar and the show is an embarrassment to the legal profession. This show pretty much qualifies as the worst legal drama in years. Stephen Bochco should be embarrassed.
  • Retread Boring Pitiful (repeat ad infinitum) No amount of advertising overkill can save this turkey.

    I wanted to like this show, because I liked Bochco's previous work. Unfortunately, this show jumped the shark in the pilot. Bochco and company are trotting out banal 'shock' interactions that are patently absurd. Frankly, the characters are unappealing, uninteresting, and boring. Within 15 minutes, I didn't care about anything about them. I don't think it is the fault of the actors. They have a good track record, at least they did until this debacle.

    In addition, whoever is giving "Technical Guidance" on law is definitely off point. Of course, if you only know of American legal system via TV and movies, that might explain the unrealistic situations.

    The writers should spend a few days in a court house and do some original research. (Or better yet, check with the paralegals who do the majority of the "grunt" work).

    At least "Boston Legal" wallows in bizarre fantasy, and doesn't try to adhere to anything related to jurisprudence.

    To the "erase" button, show goeth!
  • ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Everyone's a caricature.

    What drivel. The first show was a waste, but I kept hoping it would get better, and it barely did. Then the last episode "Hang Time," broke the back. The impassioned speech after the Judge ruled, according to the law, that after the client said he did it, the fact that a witness died and his strategy would have changed didn't support vacating the plea, was a waste. I'm sure he feels better to have talked about the bedrock of our justice system, yadda yadda yadda. Didn't do his client a whit of good. And does he EVER defend a guilty person?
  • Oh dear! What a stinker!

    This travesty has done nothing more than reinforce my utter disdain for law shows...and anyone behind the "creative team" (and I use the term loosely) for this series might want to rethink their day job.
    Neither the story lines or the key characters are in any way even mildly compelling. They either whine about how how unfair the system is (don't we all already know that!) or they do nothing positive to represent the "profession".
    I am beyond amazed that this low-brow production ever even made it past first review.
    They should have run it through MTAC first. "Gibbs" would have shot it squarely between the eyes before it could put any of us into misery...