Raising the Bar

TNT (ended 2009)


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  • Mark Gosselaar is Perry Mason meets John Lennon in this very intense show about the legal system which isn't always fair.

    In the 80's it was Hill Street Blues, the 90's it was NYPD Blue, and in the 00's it is Raising The Bar for hit producer Steven Bochico. The show has a great cast, the cases are intense, and even the hanky panky outside the courtroom is very intense the watch the show. This show will change how you feel about the legal system. The ADA's are trying to put people in jail and the PD's want the innoncent to go home. I especally love seeing Jerry Kellerman fight with Judge Trudy and I love seeing Jerry fight for his clients and prove they are innocent and save the day like Perry Mason did almost 40 years ago. I think what I love about the show is these lawyers are really dedicated to what they do and they want justice but sometimes the victory gets in the way of the justice. Raising The Bar is a winner!!!!