Raising the Bar

TNT (ended 2009)


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  • Pathetic script. Every lawyer on this show would be disbarred.

    I've given this show multiple chances hoping that it would get better, but it's the same tired story every episode. All the prosecutors and judges are corrupt. Additionally all the public defenders are inept and have no concepts of how to gather evidence. For having so many innocent clients, the public defenders seem completely unable to ever gather evidence proving the client's innocence. Instead the PD's rely on begging prosecutors and judges to believe that the client is innocent. And magically, most of the accused are innocent. When these innocent clients with intentionally sympathetic backgrounds are found guilty, the PD's (especially Jerry) rely on lengthy in-court speeches to prove the show's main point (real creative Stephen). Furthermore, the prosecutors are apparently completely devoid of any concept of prosecutorial discretion. Everyone one of these lawyers would be sanctioned by the state bar and the show is an embarrassment to the legal profession. This show pretty much qualifies as the worst legal drama in years. Stephen Bochco should be embarrassed.