Raising the Bar

TNT (ended 2009)


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  • This show is awesome.

    For those whom say that the lawyers and judges would be sanctioned doesn't know what they are talking about. These people think judges have all this power. They don't. All they have the power to do is to keep order in the courtroom. If a previous case similar to the one at hand has already been ruled, the judge has to rule the same way as she/he ruled by precedent. Also not all the clients, in fact most of them, that the public defender's defend are not all innocent or completely for that matter. The heroin abused mother, the child molestor accused of killing the kid he molested, etc. There have been others. The heroin abused mother, honestly needed to have her kid taken away from her, the child molester didn't kill the kid but still had to do his time for being a child molester. Lawyers can be vindictive when it comes to winning a case. It is frowned upon but you don't always get sanctioned for it. Also there has been at least one or two episodes where the prosecution admitted fault. The girl accused of drug trafficking and then found the real drugs. She found out how bad the cop was that screwed her over. She literally thought she should have been fired but her boss kept her even telling her he shouldn't. To get your people prosecuted and get your people off sometimes you willing to do things you wouldn't normally do. You don't always get sanctioned for every wrong thing you do. I am going to Heald college right now for a Paralegal degree. We don't get to practice law but we have to usually know more about the law than the lawyers we work for. We are in fact required to know the law front and backwards and/or know where to look up the most current statute or law when we don't know it or even to make sure it hasn't changed.