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Raising the Bar

Season 1 Episode 10

Shop Till You Drop

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2008 on TNT
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Episode Summary

The appeals court overturns the conviction of a black firefighter accused of stealing property from a body found during a fire. The court finds that Judge Kessler was wrong to disallow testimony. Roz and Balco have to go and retry the case and they find racism to play a major part. Jerry finds some information out about Bobbi's husband but doesn't know if he should share it. Charlie deals with conflict between him and Judge Kessler.moreless

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    Danielle Bisutti

    Danielle Bisutti

    Emma Troutman

    Guest Star

    Andrew Sikking

    Andrew Sikking


    Guest Star

    Teddy Lane Jr.

    Teddy Lane Jr.

    Corrections Officer

    Guest Star

    Wayne Lopez

    Wayne Lopez

    Bob the Court Clerk

    Recurring Role

    Jon Polito

    Jon Polito

    Judge Dominick Ventimiglia

    Recurring Role

    Angel Oquendo

    Angel Oquendo


    Recurring Role

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      • Judge Kessler: Let's just get past this. I accept your resignation. (hands a resignation letter to Charlie)
        Charlie: Trudy.
        Judge Kessler: You've lost the right to use my first name. Sign it.

      • Andy Hamilton: (to Jerry) You know the saying, 'you do the time or the time does you'? But Jerry, I'm not afraid of the time. I mean, I spent the last five years trying to figure out who I am, after I had to give up everything about who I thought I was. I'd love to serve every single day of my sentence than call myself something I'm not. I'm not a liar. I'm not a thief. I'm not the shame of the department.

      • Roz: They're not lies.
        Nick: Yeah, yeah, another innocent man doing time in the Gulag. So many clients, so much injustice. I don't know how you stand it.

      • Michelle: (talking to Richard about his client) You feel sorry for her because she's old. And I don't, because she's old enough to know better.

      • Judge Kessler: Retrying a case is like root canal without Novacaine.

      • Nick: (to Marcus) Recopy the discovery for your friends in the defense. I've never understood what you see in them. Except for maybe Ms. Gilardi... and her tight little sweaters.

      • Mrs. Martha Delman: Life is better with a partner. Don't wait too long, Dear.
        Roz: It's on my list.
        Mrs. Martha Delman: Move it up.

      • Judge Kessler: And Mr. Hamilton, being acquitted of all charges, you are free to go.
        Andy Hamilton: Thank you, (clears throat) Your Honor. I just wanna say that I know that what happened wasn't your fault.
        Judge Kessler: Mr. Hamilton, this is not a forum for public speaking.
        Andy Hamilton: You did the best you could. And uh, I don't blame you anymore.
        Judge Kessler: Court is adjourned. (strikes gavel)
        Vince: All rise.
        Andy Hamilton: Your Honor, I'm trying to tell you something.
        Judge Kessler: What?
        Andy Hamilton: I forgive you, Judge.
        Judge Kessler: Thank you, Mr. Hamilton.

      • Charlie: We solved our problems.
        Jerry: Ugh, just when you think you're out, they pull you back in.
        Marcus: Kessler's not the mob, Jerry.
        Jerry: Yeah, you're right. The mob's more predictable.

      • Judge Kessler: Justice deferred is justice denied.
        Nick: Kierkegaard!
        Judge Kessler: Kessler!

      • Roz: (talking about her client) He still dreams of being a firefighter.
        Judge Kessler: Well, I wanted to be a ballerina.
        Nick: Did you?
        Judge Kessler: I was 6. I got over it!

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Nick: Yeah, yeah, another innocent man doing time in the Gulag.

        The Gulag is in reference to (the Russian acronym for) The Chief Administration of Corrective Labor Camps and Colonies, the government agency which managed the penal labor camps in the Soviet Union since the 1930's until it was abolished in 1960.

      • Judge Kessler: Justice deferred is justice denied.
        This quote is attributed to Diane Watson, a Democrat member of the United-States House of Representatives since 2001. She represents one of California's congressional district.