Raising the Roofs

Spike TV (ended 2006)


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  • An aspiring actor brings his family to California in a Jackass, reality show type setting.

    The Roofs are brought to California where their son is an actor trying to break in.

    Man what a horrible show so far. It\'s supposed to be like \"Jackass\" lmao!!! My butt!! All I saw was two fat overweight old guys cursing, farting and bellyaching for a freaking half hour.

    This show smells and looks bad.

    It was like \"Sopranos\" meets \"Beverly Hillbillies\" because everything was bleeped out every second.

    Horrible, horrible. Anyways the Roofs Dad and Uncle are invited to Los Angeles by their son/nephew Micheal if I got his name right.

    They proceed to stink up the place (literally) then Michael takes them out with a hot model from a magazine.

    They proceed to make asses of themselves,
    the model leaves, and Micheal looks like a friggin idiot.

    Really subpar pilot. I did get a laugh out of the baby pig they brought with them but there wasn\'t that much else to laugh at or appreciate.

    It\'s like a badly made reality show which it looks to be.

    Not holding much hope but I guess it will get better.
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