Raising the Roofs

Season 1 Episode 2

Show Me the Hunnies

Aired Unknown Jul 13, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • This is gut wrenching red neck comedy humor. This needs to be out on DVD so we can rerun the skits and call in the friends for a gut wrenching laughing session. Grab the old milwaukee beer and stale chips and watch this family in action!!!!!!

    This show is so funny it is funny reality yet some must be scripted because i have never experienced such humor. Redneck humor is great this is over the top funny. I wish i knew what days chicago would air these shows so i could tune in or tape it. Chi town is a funny city with many comediens to credit but we dont have the roof clan!! :-(
    My friends and family would tune in to have the laughs that this would bring anytime. Kids this is not a kiddie show but adults who like jackass humore this is where to tune in.
    When a producer has this much comedy in a half hour show and does not promote it...Well i have to ask "Are you willing to drop the ball and pass on this type of sucess"??
    With these two red neck humor men making comedy look so easy its no wonder a funny man like Michael jr is in comedy and films! This is a sure win in my book for humor and comedy. Come on network grab and run with this.
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