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Fox is acting like me on a Friday night when I can't decide whether I want to go out, stay in and watch The Carrie Diaries, or just re-watch Battlestar Galactica AGAIN. That is to say, Fox is switching up its midseason schedule only a few weeks after first announcing it

Earlier this fall the network pushed back the premiere of Almost Human by a couple of weeks in order to give it a two-night, football-boosted premiere. And now it appears to be doing the same thing with The Following. Instead of kicking off its second season on Monday, January 20 at 9pm after the Season 1 finale of Sleepy Hollow, The Following will now enjoy a two-night, two-episode premiere, with the first episode bowing on Sunday, January 19 at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific, directly after the NFC championship game, and the second one airing in its originally scheduled time slot of Monday, January 20 at 9pm.

That means new drama Rake, which was supposed to have special premiere starting after the championship game on January 19, will debut on Thursday, January 23 at 9pm after American Idolwhose schedule remains unchanged. 

But Fox's dramas aren't the only shows experiencing, uh, drama. Come the end of January, the network's Tuesday comedy block will undergo some shakeups, with The Mindy Project airing a winter finale on January 28 and then taking a months-long vacation. I hope you have a shoe nearby that you can throw, because Shulman & Associates won't be back until April 1. While Mindy's on hiatus, Brooklyn Nine-Nine will shift from 8:30pm into Dr. Lahiri's 9:30pm time slot, where it will follow New Girl, which is staying at 9pm. "But what will happen to Dads?!!" cried no one. The sitcom will continue airing on Tuesdays at 8pm until February 11, when it will air a two-episode finale. Two weeks later, on February 25, Glee will move from Thursdays to its original home of Tuesdays at 8pm. 

New comedy Enlisted will still premiere on Friday, January 10 at 9:30pm.

Now, because I know you're like, WTF does that all mean? Here's a listing of the midseason schedule with those changes:

Friday, January 10:

8-9pm Bones 

9-9:30pm Raising Hope 

9:30-10pm Enlisted (Series Premiere)

Wednesday January 15:

8-10pm American Idol (Season Premiere, Part One)

Thursday, January 16:

8-10pm American Idol (Season Premiere, Part Two)

Sunday, January 19:

6-10pm Eastern NFC Championship Game (Live)

10-11pm Eastern/7-8pm Pacific The Following (Season Premiere, Night One)

Monday, January 20:

8-9pm Sleepy Hollow (Season Finale; Special Time)

9-10pm The Following (Season Premiere, Night Two)

Thursday, January 23:

8-9pm American Idol (Time Period Premiere)

9-10pm  Rake (Series Premiere)

Tuesday, January 28:

9:30-10pm The Mindy Project (Winter Finale)

Tuesday, February 4:

9:30-10pm Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Time Period Premiere)

Tuesday, February. 25:

8-9pm Glee (Spring Premiere)

Tuesday, March 25:

9:30-10pm Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season Finale)

Tuesday, April 1:

9-9:30pm  The Mindy Project (Spring Premiere, Part One)

9:30-10pm The Mindy Project (Spring Premiere, Part Two)

Tuesday, April 8:

9:30-10pm The Mindy Project (Time Period Premiere)

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