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  • Well...

    Darn Keagan is quite the hound, I mean, sleeping with his friend's wife? I know they have a history together, but wow, and that's how the show ends? with all these cliffhangers?

    We need a season 2.. Badly! But it's on FOX and well FOX is always good for a disappointment on show renewal.


    More to add

    I like the show, it took a while, but it's worth giving it a second change and a second season.


    Adding here.

    After the 3rd episode, here's what's clear to me:

    1) K is an idiot, he's got as much impulse control as a beagle with its nose on the ground.

    2) I have no clue about the Australian version, but obviously, the makers of this show are banking on Kinnear's personality. I mean, it's not the first show to do so, I recall Shark with James Woods for example and obviously House with Hugh Laurie are all shows where the primary character was really leading the show good or bad.

    3) K can't die, so what is this show? it's about K giving in into his demons and showing off his somewhat brillance in the courtroom.

    If this is to get better, it needs to be edgier. It needs more.. suspense. Something bad has to happy to K or someone close to him in order for him to really start working the show towards something which is worthy of being watched. For example, in the Blacklist, one of Red's major entourage character died.

    The saving grace is I have a very soft spot for his secretary who is portrayed by the lovely Tara Summers, so, I'm giving this a chance.


    I've seen the first episode and I do like Kinnear, but.. not so sure this show will go anywhere. Something is off kilter with it. I was able to watch the full first episode, I have to give it that, but, it's kinda predictable. It does have Tara Summers, a woman I've always found very attractive. That is its saving grace for me so far..