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  • What happened!?!

    The show was awesome. Why cancel a great show!
  • Other shows could've & should've died before RAKE.

    I thought it was a good show and liking . i got into easy. In my opinion, other shows could've & should've died before RAKE. My thumb is UP for this poor decision.
  • RE: mindmalfunction - House

    The show is called Rake because of what Rake means and the characteristics and actions of the main character.

    It took me awhile to figure it out.

    At first I compared the title to House too, Bones as well.

    But then I looked up the meaning of the word.

    I love the show, Greg K. is great.

  • that stinks

    i DVR Rake but after this last show it has been permanently removed. This show went from treasure to trash! The jury scene said it all; desensitize the people till they say innocent! Not me, I won't fall for it!
  • Well...

    Darn Keagan is quite the hound, I mean, sleeping with his friend's wife? I know they have a history together, but wow, and that's how the show ends? with all these cliffhangers?

    We need a season 2.. Badly! But it's on FOX and well FOX is always good for a disappointment on show renewal.


    More to add

    I like the show, it took a while, but it's worth giving it a second change and a second season.


    Adding here.

    After the 3rd episode, here's what's clear to me:

    1) K is an idiot, he's got as much impulse control as a beagle with its nose on the ground.

    2) I have no clue about the Australian version, but obviously, the makers of this show are banking on Kinnear's personality. I mean, it's not the first show to do so, I recall Shark with James Woods for example and obviously House with Hugh Laurie are all shows where the primary character was really leading the show good or bad.

    3) K can't die, so what is this show? it's about K giving in into his demons and showing off his somewhat brillance in the courtroom.

    If this is to get better, it needs to be edgier. It needs more.. suspense. Something bad has to happy to K or someone close to him in order for him to really start working the show towards something which is worthy of being watched. For example, in the Blacklist, one of Red's major entourage character died.

    The saving grace is I have a very soft spot for his secretary who is portrayed by the lovely Tara Summers, so, I'm giving this a chance.


    I've seen the first episode and I do like Kinnear, but.. not so sure this show will go anywhere. Something is off kilter with it. I was able to watch the full first episode, I have to give it that, but, it's kinda predictable. It does have Tara Summers, a woman I've always found very attractive. That is its saving grace for me so far..
  • Getting there

    it was pretty usually as always but i think putt'n kinnear will make boring because it is one man show.......
  • House?

    This is a good show, but why the 'House' comparison in the description? The only thing they have in common is white collar jobs and addiction (gambling vs drugs) that's half of the shows on TV.
  • It is a one man show !

    I have never seen the original Australian version but this version is fine by me. I agree the main character is your perfect leading man. Most people will not want to root for him.

    He is mostly self absorbed, makes stupid decisions and is a gambling addict. However he gets into very funny situations and is usually charming. He may screw up almost every part of his life but when it comes to his job, what matters is he usually gets it done well. I think most of us have at least one of his characteristics and perhaps makes it uncomfortable to watch the worst part of ourselves on TV.

    I was never a fan of Greg Kinnear in the movies but I think he really nails it here. This show works mostly on his charm and I think it works better than the Blacklist which is totally a James Spader show.

  • Original Aussie version is great this one is bland

    The original Australian version of this show is excellent, original and hard edged. This remake is limp, bland and in no way hard edged.

    I suggest everyone skip this one and get hold of the Aussie version which is about to start season 3
  • the worst i have seen i an while

    that show is so outdated it would have even been bad ten years ago just horrible. giving it a 1 is far more than it deserves
  • failed show about a failure

    There's nothing wrong about a TV show about a self-destructive character; House did a great job with that. There's nothing wrong with a show about someone who always acts like an idiot; Psyche gets a lot of laughs out of it. There's nothing wrong with a show about a guy who's a complete idiot - Lost Mans has two.

    But Rake is about a guy who is self-destructive, acts like an idiot, and is, over all, dumb, and I found this very unappealing. In both House and Psyche, you have characters who are very smart, whatever their other faults are, and ingenious. The main character of Rake shows a little ingenuity towards the end, but for the most part everything he does is stupid, not in an amusing way, but in a way that just makes you want to tell him off.

    A character can be self destructive, foolish, or stupid as long as he's interesting. The main character fails to be interesting, as does the pilot of the first episode. I will not be watching again.
  • Greg Kinnear Nailed it.

    I hope this show is a success, but a quality show like this never seems to make it.