Season 1 Episode 1

First Strike

Aired Unknown Apr 14, 1986 on



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    • Tierra Libre is spanish for "Free Land".

    • Trautman finds Rambo lounging on a boat in a river asleep with a book in his hands and a fishing pole by his side. Rambo finds his friend Havoc on the race track where he is winning the race. Kat is found in Tierra Libre where she has been using her art of disguise to hold of General Warhawk's men. Colonol Trautman introduces Rambo and Havoc to Kat for the first time in this episode. The character of Kat is modeled directly after the character of Co Bao from the second movie Rambo First Blood Part 2.

    • This was the first part of the five part miniseries that started the Rambo Force Of Freedom cartoon series. It was released in on VHS in 1986 by Family Home Entertainment as part of the animated movie "Rambo The Rescue".

    • The title of this episode is very similar to the Rambo movie title "First Blood". The title sequence is taken straight from the second movie where it zooms in on Rambo's muscles as he's tying his shoes. The flaming "Rambo" logo is also the same, as is the theme song.

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