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  • Season 1
    • Siblingitis
      Episode 10
      As Dory's due date approaches, it become clear that Romona hasn't accepted the upcoming changes in the family. Can her parents make her accept the new baby?
    • The Perfect Day
      The Perfect Day
      Episode 9
      Aunt Bea and Howie's Uncle Hobart announce their engagement, and the Quimbys help plan their wedding.
    • The Great Hair Argument
      Because she has a special party coming up with her friends, Beezus begs her mother to take her to the beauty salon for a new hairdo. When Mrs. Quimby acknowledges that they can't afford it, Beezus decides to dip into her own allowance savings. An excursion to the salon leaves Beezus with an absolutely humiliating new style, but her hip and youthful Aunt Bea might be just the one to help fix the damage.moreless
    • Ramona's Bad Day
      Ramona's Bad Day
      Episode 7
      Her Father steals her oatmeal, her lunch box opens and spills on the way to school, her classmates laugh at her pot roast, and her parents get into a fight.
    • New Pajamas
      New Pajamas
      Episode 6
      When Ramona outgrows her favorite bunny rabbit pajamas, Mrs. Quimby presents her with a brand-new pair--complete with cars and flags printed all over it--and for once, they are not Beezus's hand-me-downs! One morning, while pretending to be a firefighter, she whips her clothes on right over her pajamas and runs off to school. When she gets too hot in class, she confides in Mrs. Whaley, who helps her come up with a sensible solution (and promises not to tell Ramona's parents about the incident). All appears to be going smoothly until Mrs. Whaley calls the house on a Saturday morning. Feeling hurt and rejected, Ramona decides that she is unloved and plots to run away, but will good old Mom be able to resolve this family problem?moreless
    • Goodbye, Hello
      Goodbye, Hello
      Episode 5
      Fed up with her current after-school situation at the Kemps' house, Ramona urges her parents to consider a different arrangement. Mr. and Mrs. Quimby reluctantly agree to let Beezus baby-sit after school, but on a 1-week trial basis only. The girls get into arguments the first couple days, but a tragic incident with the family cat helps them reconcile their differences--and it convinces their parents that they are independent enough to take care of themselves after school. Mrs. Quimby also announces a special surprise for the entire family--one that leaves Ramona with mixed emotions.moreless
    • Rainy Sunday
      Rainy Sunday
      Episode 4
      When inclement weather spoils the Quimby family's Sunday plans to attend a fair together, they must make do and stay in the house all day. As you can imagine, cabin fever quickly sets in for everyone, and by early evening, nobody is in the lightest of moods. Fed up with the aggravation and tension, Mr. Quimby suggests a sit-down restaurant for dinner. While enjoying a leisurely meal together, the Quimbys prove that they can look back on the events of this horrible day--and share a good laugh about it.moreless
    • Ramona, The Patient
      Ramona gets sick and throws up in class. She doesn't want to return to school because she's embarrassed. She also has a book report to do and doesn't know how to present it. With the help of Aunt Bea and her father, she goes to school and "sells" the book with the help of her friends.moreless
    • Mystery Meal
      Mystery Meal
      Episode 2
      When the Quimbys sit down to dinner the girls demand to know what kind of meat is on their plate. Upon finding out it's cow tongue, they complain and refuse to eat. As a punishment, they are forced to cook dinner the next night.
    • Squeakerfoot
      Episode 1
      Very proud of her brand-new shoes, Ramona wears them to school--only to be embarrassed when she finds out that they squeak. A hard-boiled egg game at the lunch table results in a messy disaster for Ramona, and after a humiliating visit to the principal's office, she is shocked to overhear her teacher calling her a "show-off" and a "nuisance." Hurt and confused by these words, Ramona chooses to handle them the only way she knows how--by confronting Mrs. Whaley directly.moreless