Season 1 Episode 6

New Pajamas

Aired Unknown Unknown on PBS



  • Quotes

    • Ramona: What do I do?
      Mrs. Whaley: I got it. (takes a paper bag out of her desk) You go into the girls' room, take off your pajamas, put them into the bag, and hide this bag in your desk.
      Ramona: I can't.
      Mrs. Whaley: Ramona, there's no such word as can't.
      Ramona: (whispering) I don't have any underwear on.
      Mrs. Whaley: Oh. Well, Ramona, this does not have to be a major problem. You have a nice big sweater on, and big, thick slacks. I think that, for today, it would be all right if you didn't have any underwear.
      Ramona: Go without underwear?!?!?
      Mrs. Whaley: Well, why not?
      Ramona: I've never done anything like that before......
      Mrs. Whaley: Well, nobody is going to see, nobody will know, and nobody will care. So you've got nothing to worry about.