Season 1 Episode 10


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  • Trivia

    • When Dory comes in to talk to Ramona, there's a closeup of Ramona hanging upside down on the gray chair. Seconds later, however, in the next shot, Ramona is hanging upside-down on the white couch.

  • Quotes

    • Mrs. Quimby: June is a nice name for a baby girl.
      Mr. Quimby: Yeah, if she wasn't gonna be born in July.

    • Beezus: Well, we can't keep calling it "It." Where will "it" sleep? Will Mother quit her job to take care of "it?"
      Mr. Quimby: I don't know. I kind of like "It." It Quimby. Original, don't you think? And if its middle name was "Isa," it would be It Isa Quimby!

    • Ramona: Was I born at night?
      Beezus: I think so.
      Ramona: Come on, Beezus, don't you remember?
      Beezus: I told you, I was only 4!
      Ramona: That's old enough. What did you have for dinner that night? Come on, Beezus, you remember. I know you do!
      Beezus: (making something up) Spaghetti.
      Ramona: You ate spaghetti on my birthday? My actual birthday, when I was zero years old? What kind of sauce?
      Beezus: (annoyed) Tomato. They only had tomato then. Aunt Bea made me spaghetti with tomato sauce!

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