Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Gordon Ramsay made the cooking shows a real TV hit for all ages!

    British superstar chef and restaurant-owner Gordon Ramsay travels around Great Britain, helping unsuccessful restaurants to improve their quality of service and come back to life. Very useful, because it not only teaches to cook (it does not really go into details of the recipes), but Gordon shows his management skills and explains them to the viewers. It is truly funny, because the poor restaurant employees are being hammered (Beware, explicit language!!!) and the whole process results in serious drama. Lazy employees are not always prepared for the heavy task to live up to Gordon's expectations. Genuinely enjoyable show, except it always goes around the same scenario and is kinda predictable, but of course, every eatery has its own problems, so you can watch it again and again!
  • Gordon Ramsay goes from failing restaurant to failing restaurant offering his gruff nurturing, brutal honesty and stubborn style of desperately needed help. Most often dragging the owners and chefs kicking and screaming all the way to SUCCESS!

    Gordon Ramsay is a STAR! I am a fairly new fan of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and I just can't get enough. If you listen closely to the advice Gordon offers these Businessmen and women, the chefs and staff, you can hear how his words of advice can be applied to all walks of life and in almost any profession! His advice makes so much sense, common sense. Be prepared though for the bleeps as Gordon doesn't edit his language as he goes along. He is so passionate about what he does and says that he doesn't worry about the listener possibly being offended by his choice of vocabulary. That is one of the things I like about him. He is spontaneous and says what he's thinking and feeling at any given moment and still his advice is sound. He is so confident with HIs advice he just GIVES it, uncensored and right on the mark! I've learned alot from watching his shows. Do I ever think he could have handled someone with alittle more sensitivity? Yes. He can be hard on a person. But in the end he is there to help them and his warmth and caring come through. He means what he says and if shocking you into listening is what it takes then this is your man! Watch his eyes as he's speaking....you'll see the compassion and the passion even when he's being...well....sometimes verbally offensive. I'm so impressed with his knowledge and sound advice that I seem to see past the bleeps and just "get" what he's saying. He's a genuine man and I love him! Now I have to find out what channels his other programs are on!
  • As one of the best chefs in the world, Gordon Ramsay, travels the world to help less fortunate restaurants than his own. But he dosen't know that he is heading disasters way as he tires to make kitchen nightmares into kitchen delight. Ah, Language

    For a TV series made by one of the best chefs in the world, it has certainly become a great success. It has toped the UK television charts for the whole first series legth. A UK servey also said that it had the most content viewers in the whole UK alone.
    Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares has been critized for his use of bad language during this cutting edge show a lot lately. One viewer counted the number of times bad language was used in one episode only and a staggering eighty times was announced.
    Although one of the most swearing shows on TV right now, Ramasay's Kitchen Nightmares has lately had all the good reviews from the Australian newspapers. It even replaced the most anticipated TV series times to be aired, that beins Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. This show was put into the nine thirty time slot while Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares was put into the eight thirty time slot.
    Gordon Ramsay has made a hell of alot of money in the last couple of years, 55% of that profit coming from his TV shows.
    I think the use of bad language is the thing that makes the show funny and interesting. If you are one of those low-lifes whom thinks this show should be banned I tell oyu now, switch the @#$&*!@ channel over dummies.
    One last thignif you are planning on becoming a chef here are some of Gordon Ramsay's tips from 60 minutes:
    1. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort spot.
    2. Be imaginative about your cooking
    3. Enjoy your cooking.
    4. And the most important thing: Mind your language!
  • Gordon Ramsay is on a mission to stop restaurants, of all over the world to go down the drain. The experties and patience of Chef Gordon Ramsay is put to the test as he tries to turn the tables for the kitchen nightmares. Ah, mind your language Gordon!

    For ashow that is full of kitchens nightmares and and hidious attitudes, "Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares" has had all the reviews from viewers around the world.
    This show is hosted by Chef Gordon Ramsay, one of the best chefs in the world, and also by his and his counterparts dirty language.
    It is one of the most popular and controversial TV shows in Australia. The reason why it is so controversial is because it has so much dirty language that, one viewer counted 80 dirty words used in one episode.
    The Tv show has been asked to be on air a little bit later at night or even to be band. A primary school principal in Victoria even had to ask for the parents of the children attending to not let their children watch the show because they were using the dirty language in the classroom.
    Gordon Ramsay watch your language! And as for the losers out their that don't like this show, (Duh!!!) switch the channel over dummies.
  • He swears because he cares!

    I think this is a great series. One I never miss. So much more than just another cookery programme. In fact, there is very little actual cooking in the show. It is, rather, an entertaining way of demonstrating how to run a proper restaurant business, by showing all the pitfalls in the form of REAL failing businesses. In other words, a 'How NOT to do it' show.
    In some of the episodes, the owners are so arrogant, and think they know it all, but are losing staggering amounts of money every week. Ramsay has the patience, if not the language, of a saint! Great show. It'll make you wonder about the state of the kitchens next time you're in your favourite restaurant!
  • He may seem crazy but he knows what he is doing. Perfect is all I can say.

    Ramsay may freak out at some point or another but that is only because the point he's trying to get across is not finding the right path to their brains. In other words the person he is trying to explain things to is too ignorant to get it through their head. This is definitely one of the shows that focuses on where most businesses go wrong. He is one of the most fascinating characters on TV not only because of what he does it is mostly because of how he does it. He swears, yells and fights but not to the point where it is out of control and he is just doing it to bully the other person. He knows when to stop and when it is appropriate and that control is what I think other characters lack in.
  • Gordon Ramsey knows Kitchens!!

    What's to say.. I used to be a cook and I mean a professional cook for about 10 yrs. Today, I'm a web developer, a professional one to boot.

    I remember my days in the Kitchen and Gordon Ramsey, to me, is the man who truly has the plan!

    He knows his way in a kitchen, he has an understanding and a mastery of the kitchen which is just amazing.

    I'm not always in agreement with his recipes mind you, but when it comes to work flow, management and attitude, this man has it down pat.

    The restaurants he targets should be privilieged to have this guy coming around, helping them to get back on their feet.

    And the fun part is, as an individual, he's got the charisma and the saavy to be very entertaining.

    He's not a boring person, he really gives life to his show. And..woah.. we learn stuff too! :)

    So he uses the F word a bit.. Big Deal.. Doesn't make him any less competent for sure! :)

  • Curious about what a restaurant Nightmare would consist of. What I found surprised me!

    Why bother opening a restaurant if you're just gonna serve re-heated boxed food??? Boggles my mind. But I guess the restaurants featured in this show have hit rough patches and had to do what they could to get as much food out as fast as they could in order to keep any amount of money in.

    Some of the restaurants and the condition of the kitchens were shocking. Some of the chefs were clueless. Granted a few had great intentions and maybe no idea how to go about realizing their dream. A few had little in the way of professional cooking experience or training. I can understand the dream of opening a restaurant of your very own, but if you can't cook, maybe you need to wait till you know how.

    Love the show, heard that they are bringing a version to the US. Can't wait!
  • You can learn from this show

    Excellent post. Ramsay’s kitchen Nightmares is one of my favorite shows. Mainly because it contains a huge amount of practical business advice. Not just for running a restaurant. The lessons Ramsay outlines can apply to any type of business. I’ve watched the show many times on dvd and keep finding new pointers and ideas. Very useful.
  • Chef Gordon Ramsay lights a fire under some crappy restaurants...

    I just love this show! I wish there were more episodes per season! Watching Chef Ramsay give it to these less than passionate "chefs" is awesome! His ideas are wonderful and it's easy to see why he is so good at his craft. When will he come to America and do the same here??? I watch this show over and over again...Uh, DVD please?
  • Gordon Ramsay rampages the UK. Well not exactly, he offers restaurants that are failing or having troubles with their game plan a consultation with his knowledge. This is an entertaining show that is also enjoyable for the informative content about runnin

    What do you do if Gordon Ramsay features you on "Kitchen Nightmares" and can't magically fix your restaurant? Sue him! That’s been the result of some of his shows… which is just ridiculous since he’s there to help and if anything you should be getting positive PR for being featured in having his touch/training. I’ve enjoyed this series immensely and hope for it to show on US television. It shows a lighter hearted Ramsay where no matter the place, he cares to help people out. I highly recommend this series for anyone in the culinary profession and for anyone who just enjoys Gordon Ramsay's antics.
  • Good

    This is a good show. There are many shows about cooking but this one is one of the best as it has suspence, humor, intresting parts and it is very very entertaining! Gordan ramsy is a funny cook which makes the show a very funny one to watch!! Brilliant show
  • Definitely among Channel 4's very best - eye-opening documentary/reality crossover

    Gordon Ramsey is now a household name in Britain thanks to this very, fantastic show. And he deserves all the credit and fame he gets for it, because this is one of the best shows on the British airwaves today.

    In Kitchen Nightmares, he visits failing restaurants all around the country and fixes them up in an attempt for them to become popular eateries rather than dank, empty holes. He's not afraid to criticize the workers and chefs - and does so every single episode, curse words aplenty - and often has to get the employees into order before even attempting to make the restaurant a more hospitable place. On his travels, he exposes not just restaurants failing thanks to a lack of marketing or appealing decor, but those which have abysmal hygeine and cleanliness too. It's frequently an eye-opening show.

    Highly recommended, even if you're not interested in gourmet cuisine (like me) - let's hope a DVD release is around the corner.
  • A1 reality show from the acid tongued chef.

    certianly a great show which does deserve a series 3. ramsay is a critical as always and the stream of fould language isn't drying up anytime soon. shows us the real realities of running a resturant and any other business and the highs and lows of making money in the cunulary business
  • Funny and outrageous, but plenty of food for thought

    If you\'re only seen celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay on shows such as Hell\'s Kitchen, you may think that he\'s mainly good for the outrageous language that comes out of his mouth and the behavior to match. But he actually is a top class chef and businessman away from the camera, and you can see some evidence of this in this Channel 4 UK show. The premise of the show is that he goes to a struggling restaurant and sticks around for a week as a consultant, trying to pinpoint problems and turn the business around. I have family members in the restaurant business, and some of the issues he runs into are very real indeed. If I had an underperforming restaurant I might want to hire Mr. Ramsay as a consultant too.

    That doesn\'t mean that this show is just a boring business show - far from it; he\'s as outrageous as usual, and often funny. The best moments in the show often come from the consultees, such as a poignant scene where the owner of one restaurant, having heard some hard truths from Ramsay, goes to sob in a corner saying \"I don\'t want to lose my business...\". Highly recommended on many levels - food show, real-life drama, even business education.
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