RAN: Remote Area Nurse

SBS One (Mini-Series 2006)


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  • Season 1
    • Here Comes the Rain Again
      In the final part of RAN, it is the wet season. Bernadette has returned to the island where her and Paul's Blue Hawaii wedding goes ahead. The afternoon rain joyously drenches everyone, but the rain brings mosquito borne dengue fever which soon ravages the entire island population. Helen, Nancy and the health workers are frantic and in the midst of the chaos, the election is held. The dengue outbreak grows more severe.

      When Helen believes things can't get any worse, Robbo is struck down with the fever. Russ and Helen find themselves at curiously similar points in their lives. Helen now knows her future cannot be on this island, but what future is there for her elsewhere?moreless
    • Blue Hawaii
      Blue Hawaii
      Episode 5
      A long awaited tombstone opening is meant to conclude the grieving period, but instead reignites tensions at the all night feasting and dancing that follows the ceremony.

      After a few drinks, Russ and Helen allow the sexual chemistry between them to show when they dance together. This isobserved by everyone, most especially Russ' wife, Ina. Helen is shunned by the community, and in pain, Helen finds herself turning to Robbo.

      A violent row erupts between Paul and Bernadette, sending shock waves around the island, impacting especially on Helen and Nancy, who saw it coming but didn't act fast enough to prevent it. For the first time, Helen wonders just how much longer she can stay here.moreless
    • The Gardens of the Torres Strait
      Tensions flare when a prawn trawler strays into local waters. Russ' second son, Solomon, is enraged at the injustice of the situation. While Solomon is busily mobilizing support to get these outsiders out of their water once and for all, his wife Lindy is feeling increasingly distant from her husband.

      While Nancy, the chairman's daughter, is forced to evaluate her future after an encounter with the trawler's captain. Stranded on a nearby island overnight after the rising tides, there is the ocean between them and all of the politics and social codes of Nancy's birthplace, they forge a connection, but can it transcend their backgrounds? Is love really that black and white?moreless
    • The Coming of the Light
      Russ' firstborn child returns to the island, dividing the people for the first time in years. Eddie, long estranged from his family, has not only come back to claim the land his father once promised him, but he wants to build a church on it.

      Russ is unwilling to acknowledge the charismatic young Eddie. Helen sees the coming conflict as a golden opportunity to close down the wet canteen.

      Eddie and his church gather rapid support and Russ suddenly finds his power base split. Eddie is a younger, stronger version of himself and he finds himself fighting to regain control of his island, doing whatever it takes.moreless
    • One Ball
      One Ball
      Episode 2
      Life on the island is rocked by a sudden and cruel death. Giddy, the son of the island's cop Mick, drowns at sea while attempting to bring contraband alcohol onto the island.

      The Island Chairman, Russ Gaibui, is enraged by the system that entices islanders to behave like delinquents.

      Russ ensures Giddy's death wasn't in vain by proposing to overturn the ban on alcohol and establish a wet canteen. Russ's daughter Nancy leads the opposition to the plan, saying it would be a disaster. Russ gets Helen on his side, Nancy is furious, accusing Helen of being bought out by promised funds for a new clinic, their friendship feels the strain.

      Russ makes subtle, refined, even flattering moves towards Helen, who knows that if she acts on her feelings she will lose the trust of everyone on the island, including the influential female elders. Helen would also be betraying Russ's wife, Ina, whom Helen admires. Helen considers her professional position; she must guide Russ through a health crisis. However much Helen feels herself drawn to this charasmatic and powerful man, it is all too impossible.moreless
    • The Coral Age
      The Coral Age
      Episode 1
      Helen Tremain returns to the remote island where she has worked for the last five years as a RAN (remote area nurse). Helen feels a strong connection to the island and its people, she feels this place is now her only home.

      Helen is the only member of her family left after the death of her mother. But after returning, Helen realises the island isn't as peaceful as she remembers. There is rebellion amongst the indigenous health workers and the community after a disasterous substitute health worker was employed on the island.

      Then there is Myrtle, an intellectually disabled woman who is pregnant yet again to another anonymous male. Myrtle wants to have the baby on the island despite her knowledge of the rules set by the health department against this move, Myrtle pleads with Helen.

      Helen helps Myrtle deliver the baby in secret - a move that threatens her career. But Helen needs the help of Paul, the chief health worker who has gone walkabout and his sister Nancy.

      Helen's faces the sack when her plan is discovered by the visiting doctor.moreless