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Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (1969)

Season 1 Episode 15

The Man From Nowhere

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Dec 28, 1969 on ITV
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Episode Summary

The Man From Nowhere
In the bathroom, fresh from her shower, Jean Hopkirk hears a male voice call her name. She finds a strange man lying on the sofa, newspaper in one hand and drink in the other, making himself very much at home. The strange man has an even stranger claim: he is Marty Hopkirk, reincarnated.moreless

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  • A man shows up claiming to be the reincarnation of Marty Hopkirk. While this is an enjoyable episode for the most part, what the conclusion needed was a reincarnation of its script.moreless

    "The Man From Nowhere" is not a particularly bad episode of of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) -- until the ending. In fact, for most of the episode, it's quite enjoyable. There are a number of comical moments that are highlights of the series (such as Jeff summoning Marty by going to the mirror and asking, "Mirror, mirror on the wall" or Jeff's encounters with the guard dog).

    When Jean Hopkirk gets out of her shower she finds a man on her sofa. He tells her that he is Marty Hopkirk's spirit in a new body. Jean is naturally skeptical at first, but she is going to investigate the man's claims. He knows EVERYTHING about Marty: his home mannerisms, his favorite holiday spot (a home called Woburn Abbey), and even the license number of his old Mini.

    Therein lies the problem with this episode. Yes, Sheldon (the man who would be Marty Hopkirk) does know everything about Marty. At the conclusion of the episode, Jean asks the wrong question. She says to Jeff, "But why did Sheldon?" Instead, she should've asked, "HOW did Sheldon?" At the conclusion, there is an explanation for why Sheldon was impersonating Marty (to find the spot Sheldon had buried some stolen silverware following a minor car accident with newlyweds Marty and Jean), but NEVER an explanation as to how Sheldon was able to become (to paraphrase a Statler Brothers song title) "the official historian on Marty Hopkirk." This is NOT a minor oversight to the story: Sheldon's ability to know the most minute detail about Marty (the fact that he likes fluted champagne glasses, for instance) is central to his plan to win over Jean's confidence. And yet, the conclusion of the episode has a fight between Sheldon and Jeff, the police show up and take him off, and the end credits roll. The ending is a tremendous letdown, and leaves the viewer hanging. One cannot help but think, "What happened to page 98 of the script?"

    The moral of this review is simple: if you're going to have a con man impersonating a character to the point where he knows everything about that character, make CERTAIN you tell the audience HOW he got that information!!!moreless
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Ray Brooks

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