Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) (2000)

Season 1 Episode 2

Mental Apparition Disorder

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2000 on BBC
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Mental Apparition Disorder
Jeannie decides to take over her dead fiancée’s spot at the detective office. Her first assignment takes her into the local casino where money is stolen. Meanwhile Jeff visits Dr Lawyer for psychiatric help in the local clinic. He tries to get over Marty’s ghost. Marty on the other hand is trying to fit in his new role and visits his mentor Wyvern. When Jeannie finally solves the mystery, someone breaks into their office, but the trace leads back to Jeff in the clinic.moreless

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    Hugh Laurie

    Hugh Laurie

    Dr M Lawyer

    Guest Star

    Steven Berkoff

    Steven Berkoff

    The Mouth

    Guest Star

    Martin Clunes

    Martin Clunes

    Craig Nash

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    Charlie Higson

    Charlie Higson

    Patient with fits (uncredited)

    Recurring Role

    Melissa Knatchbull

    Melissa Knatchbull

    Wendy Gill

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • In this episode, Felia names her baby after Marty, because he led her and her son back to their bodies after they nearly died during labour.

      • At Doctor Lawyers facilities, the mental illnesses are reduced to acronyms (Morbid Erotic Addiction=MEA, Inappropriate Acquisition Syndrome=IAS). If you do the same with Jeff's 'illness', Mental Apparition Disorder, you get the acronym MAD.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • (Jeff is under hypnosis, and Doctor Lawyer is reading a magazine.)
        Dr. Lawyer: Right, well, lets get to the important stuff. You don't strike me as a wealthy man, Randall. Who's paying for you treatment here?
        Jeff: Wendy.
        Dr. Lawyer: Wendy. Is she of any use to me? She's obviously rich. Who is Wendy?
        Jeff: Jeannie's sister.
        Dr. Lawyer: Jeannie being?
        Jeff: The woman that I l- work with.

      • Wyvern: You were a private detective in life, were you not?
        Marty: Yes, 'Randall & Hopkirk security services'.
        Wyvern: And after death, you chose to make yourself manifest to your partner, Mr. Randall.
        Marty: Yes, well, I thought if anyone could help me solve my own murder it would be him.
        Wyvern: Yes, a wise choice. So, now, he alone can see you, though there may be others with the gift of seeing. Those with more innocent eyes. Animals... children... and morons.

      • Wyvern: Have you been practicing your mimicary?
        Marty: Not really.
        Wyvern: Oh, you've got to keep up with you lessons, boy! Otherwise you'll become feeble and faint and impotent. One of those silly ghosts who turns up wearing a sheet, going 'woo, woo, woo,' all over the pla-! That's not what we want, is it?

      • Cecil: I always feel I'm coping, and then - something else goes missing.
        Lucy: Cecil suffers from IAS. (Jeff raises his eyebrows again) Inappropriate Acquisition Syndrome.
        Cecil: Yeah, I'm a cleptomaniac.
        Jeff: Ah.
        Cecil: It wouldn't be so bad, but, I can never remember where I've put anything I've nicked.

      • Lucy: (After 'saving' him from Alice.) You sit here, next to me.
        Jeff: Thank you. I wasn't sure what the system was. (to Cecil) Hello there.
        Lucy: Still finding your feet.
        Cecil: You watch her. She'll find more than your feet. You know why she's here, don't you? (Jeff shakes his head.) Nymphomania.
        Lucy: Cecil, grow up! You know Doctor Lawyer doesn't like us to use terms like that. Just ignore Cecil. He's a rather lively imagination. I was actually originally treated for MEA. (Jeff raises his eyebrows.) Morbid Erotic Addiction.
        Jeff: Right. And what's that, then?
        Lucy: Nymphomania, basically.

      • Jeff: Look, why don't you just go and haunt somebody else.
        Marty: I can't. You're the only one who can see me, and the further away from you I get, the less powers I have. I get very faint, and then I start to loose my grip on the world. A little bit like you, Jeff!

      • Jeff: (to himself) What am I doing here?
        Marty: (shimmering in) What are you doing here?
        Jeff: Marty, don't even ask.
        Marty: What is this place?
        Jeff: It's... a king of health farm.
        Marty: What are you doing on a health farm, for God's sake? You're the most unhealthy bloke I know.
        Jeff: Maybe, Marty, I just needed a rest, yeah?
        Marty: A rest? Ha! You've only had one case since I died.

      • Jeff: You've got to believe me Jeannie. You know, he's a ghost and only I can see him.
        Jeannie: What, and you talk to him?
        Jeff: Yeah.
        Jeannie: Well, how is he?
        Jeff: He's absolutely fi... Well, he's dead, but he's absolutely fine. It's brilliant, isn't it?
        Jeannie: Jeff, do you think that you need to see someone?
        Jeff: Jeannie, I'm just an ordinary bloke who's best... friend (realizing how bad it sounds) just... happend... to be... a ghost.

      • Jeff: So, what's you real name?
        Three-Piece: Percy.
        Felia: Oh, that is nice name. (to her belly) Percy.
        Three-Piece: No, it's not. Why d'you think I changed it to Three-Piece.
        Felia: I don't care what mine is called, as long as it's not a mutant.
        Three-Piece: Yeah, well, take it from me, don't call it Percy.

      • Marty: What are you doing here? Have you gone completely mad? You're not crazy.

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Jeannie: God, I feel more like Mary Poppins than Sam Spade.

        Mary Poppins is a fictional character and the protagonist of Pamela Travers's Mary Poppins books and all of its adaptations. She is a loving but slightly-stern nanny who uses magic and self-control to take care of the Banks children.

        Sam Spade is a fictional character who is the main character in Dashiell Hammett's novel The Maltese Falcon and all adaptions of it. He is also one of the most famous of the fictional 30's detectives. He combined several features of previous detectives, most notably his cold detachment, keen eye for detail, and unflinching determination to achieve his own justice.

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