Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) (2000)

Season 2 Episode 1

Whatever Possessed You?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2001 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Whatever Possessed You?
A haunted hotel hires Jeff and Jeannie to investigate things. Jeff doesn’t believe in ghosts, but then Marty appears again and helps him out.

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Hywel Bennett

Hywel Bennett

Roger Whale

Guest Star

Nichola McAuliffe

Nichola McAuliffe

Virginia Carpenter

Guest Star

John Thomson (I)

John Thomson (I)


Guest Star

Charlie Higson

Charlie Higson

Customer at bar (uncredited)

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    • Jeff: (about him and Jeannie) She came on pretty strong.
      Marty: I bet she did.
      Jeff: So, there's no reason we should fall out over it, is there?
      Marty: I bet she did, because, that's not Jeannie in there. Do you not see what's happening to her Jeff. She's been taken over by some evil, twisted being that for some unfathomable reason finds you sexually alluring.

    • Wyvern: There is a terrible evil here. It must not be allowed to spread like a wild canker.
      Marty: A what?
      Wyvern: A canker. You must be strong, Marty. Never give up hope.
      Marty: That... that thing. It sucked all my strength.
      Wyvern: While it is in the building, it is strong. Past and present co-exist here. The moment of it's death has become infinite.
      Marty: Is it... is it a ghost?
      Wyvern: They are not ghosts like you. They are not yet dead, but neither are they alive. They cling onto this place like a wrinkle in time, hoping to change the past. To live again.
      Marty: They. You mean there's more of them?
      Wyvern: It is to degenerate to exist by itself. There must be at least one other helping it, feeding it. On stolen lives. And you, too, must realize you depend upon the living for strength. You can't allow the to escape into the world, Marty. Marty! Martyyy! (He vanishes, and Roger appears instead.)
      Roger: Marty?
      Marty: Roger, I need your help. What's a canker?
      Roger: The only logical explanation for this, is that I'm having a stroke and hallucinating.

    • (About the exorcism)
      Mrs. Carpenter: I'm really not sure about this.
      Ms. Hooper: It is an ancient ceremony. A banishment, to red the place of spirits.
      Ms. Cavern: But, how do we know that they're all bad?
      Ms. Hooper: We must cast out the evil. And if some other harmless spirit gets cleansed as well, the at least they're going to a better place than this.
      Mrs. Carpenter: Well, it may not be paradise, but at least the sheets are clean.

    • Browning: Is there anybody there?
      Marty: (weak from encountering the flaming ghost) You've gotta help me. Listen...
      Browning: (who naturally can't hear him) Don't be afraid. I want to help you.
      Marty: Good. Listen...
      Browning: Knock if you can hear me.
      Marty: What do you mean, knock?
      Browning: (aiming his gear at the wall) Oh, activity.
      Marty: That's the central heating system, you idiot.

    • Jeff: (singing) Every other day you'll be touching me, and before you know it baby...
      (Marty appears next to him.)
      Jeff & Marty: ...we'll be touching heav... (Jeff notices Marty and freezes.)
      Marty: ...eeeen. Still can't manage the harmonies, eh, Jeff.

    • Jeff: Yeah, I suppose we should eat. Mind you, with this headache, I'd like to just have a hot bath and then get straight into me bed.
      Jeannie: Yeah, me too.
      Jeff: I'm sorry, Jeannie, I've only got a little bed.

    • Mrs. Carpenter: It's one of the hazards of the hotel trait. The unflushed lavatory, the strange stain on the counter pane, the sudden death.

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