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  • Season 1
    • Beyond the Norm
      Beyond the Norm
      Episode 10
      When Mark from Episode 4 was given an opportunity to turn his life around, they had no choice but to leave Norman, unwilling to change, behind. But, Norman's son emails the Random 1 team and tells them he hasn't seen his father in 13 years. With the help of the now sober Mark, Norman's roommate and drug-buddy in the woods, the team searches through the streets to find Norman. However, tension mounts when they find Norman's tent covered in snow and ice and fear the worst has happened.moreless
    • Tough Breaks
      Tough Breaks
      Episode 9
      An R&B singer almost scores a record deal but loses everything, including his job, car, and his kids. John and Andre try to get Terence a job, any job for the time well-being, and work on his singing career as well. Robyn just wants to go back to college, but John and Andre find out that her confidence is at an all time low and she has been the victim of abuse by her husband.moreless
    • Taking the Weight Off
      Kim is having a hard time adjusting after her marriage has fallen through. She has had to move out of her home and into an apartment and battle low self-esteem. John and Andre also find Mike, who weighs over 400 pounds and is deeply depressed. Displaced by a dividing family, John and Andre attempt to get Mike in shape while talking with his family.moreless
    • Permission to Grow
      John and Andre find Kevin, who is special needs but wants to start a relationship with someone. They hook him up with a someone who accepts Kevin for who he is. Mary and Tom wanted to open a bar but got stuck behind red tape. Now the blockade is dismantling their marriage so Andre and John find a way to get the bar up and running.moreless
    • Home For The Holidays
      John and Andre meet up with Steven and try to get him back to working in a restaurant. He's homeless for the holidays if they can't and his daughter will be spending Christmas in a shelter.
    • Johnny Oxygen and the Butterfly
      Johnny has breathing problems but continues to smoke constantly. John and Andre also meet Erin who is also looking for a modeling career. Modeling guru Candy Ford guest stars.
    • Out of the Woods
      Out of the Woods
      Episode 4
      In a town called Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Mark is a homeless alcoholic who actually wants to get help. John and Andre help pay for the first step - medical detox. But the rules are that they can't spend their own money, so the decision is a hard one. Normand who lives with Mark is in even worse shape and the team plan to help him out as well.moreless
    • The Stripper and the Maestro
      John and Andrew first met Amber in Baltimore who has aspirations of becoming a model. The crew find a model agency that may score Amber some shoots, but her boyfriend becomes opposed to the idea. Meanwhile, in West Viriginia, Jan plays his dilapidated keyboard on the streets for money. The crew find a place who will fix the keyboard, but it may be too damaged to be repaired.moreless
    • Courage To Quit
      Courage To Quit
      Episode 2
      The team offers employment help to a man.
    • Out On a Limb
      Out On a Limb
      Episode 1
      The team helps Bruce, an out of work construction worker, and Kim, a database professional to pursue their dreams.