Random! Cartoons

Season 1 Episode 5

Call Me Bessie!; Teapot; Hornswiggle

Aired Unknown Dec 28, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks
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Call Me Bessie!; Teapot; Hornswiggle

An enthusiastic cow tries to convince her nervous elephant friend to go scuba diving / A fun loving rhino tries to be the sidekick of a jungle hero / A rap-loving boy and his best friend try to meet there rap idol

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      • Silkbone: (after Bouche farted) OOH HOLY MUCK! WHO CUT THAT FUNK???

      • Teapot: (offended by Silkbone's comedic suggestion) ♫ I've got something to say, I'm gonna say it my way! I'm rappin to town, I ain't no bodies clown! If you wanna chuckle, look at your stupid belt buckle! ♫ (people gasp, the dog woofs and Silkbone has an angry face)
        Silkbone: Now that's what I'm talkin bout. (audience cheers) You spit it like you mean it. I gots to give you props, little brotha. You crack dem books and stay in school and keep spitting from the heart and you won't be nobodies fool, ya hear me?
        Teapot: I hear ya! (Silkbone signs a CD and gives it to Teapot and throws his belt buckle to the dog)

      • Blind Man: (holding 10 bucks and stopping Teapot's bad rapping) ENOUGH! PLEASE TAKE THIS!
        Teapot: WOW! 10 Bucks?
        Blind Man: It's yours. You know I can't see but you make me wish I couldn't hear neither.

      • Bouche: (coming out of the bathroom) You might wanna wait a few more weeks before you go in there.
        Teapot: Those were my rhymes I gave you.
        Bouche: Well they were whack, but at least they were good for something.

      • Mom: (off-screen as Teapot was about to throw the oatmeal in the trash) Boy, if you throw away this food, we'll go all the way to the garbage dump to find it. And your gonna eat it right there!

      • Mom: Your oatmeals on the table. Now I'm going to the salon and when you finish your breakfast, go to the store and get some toilet paper. Moneys on the kitchen counter.
        Teapot: Not enough toilet paper in the world gonna help me if I eat that mush.
        Mom: Well I HEARD THAT!!!! Now you better be out of that bed.

      • Teapot: Yo check it Bouche. I just came up with some tight rhymes. Let me bust some for you.
        Bouche: Lighten up, Pot. I'm enough pain overhere.
        Teapot: Aw, squash that noise and listen to me speak. (takes out lyrics) ♪ I may only be eleven, and my life ain't heaven, But at least my name ain't Kevin, My name is Teapot, and my nose ain't got no snot, but my rhymes are hot and they make me get alot... ♪ OF LOVE!!!! Yeah, so whacha think, dog?
        Bouche: Uhhh... think we should check out Rap it Up! It should be on about now.

      • Teapot: Aw, squash that noise.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Teapot was created by the legendary Greg Eagles best known for voicing the Grim Reaper in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, with art direction from Dahveed Kologny Navy (creator of Supa Pirate Booty Hunt) and storyboarded by Alex Almaguer who did art for Billy and Mandy. Greg did several voices (including Teapot) and voice directed the short.

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