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  • Season 1
    • Squirly Town / Fanboy / HandyCat
      Squirly Town: Zoopy helps his friend Lance with a splitting headache. Fanboy: Fanboy and his trusty friend Chum Chum set out on a mission to taste test their idol Fan Man's new Frosty Freezie Freeze. HandyCat: Handycat and his dog Drillbit are hired to remove an exceptionally large beehive.
    • Super John Doe, Jr. / Six Monsters / Ratzafratz!
      Junior does Super John Doe's job for him. A cat named Buck is scared by different monsters. A mall is the setting for three cats.
    • Sugarfoot / Treasure Quest / Dr. Dee & Bit Boy
      While on a field trip, Sugarfoot is forced to team up with one of his enemies. Dugly Uckling goes on a treasure hunt with his friends. Dr. Dee turns his two friends into crime fighters.
    • Victor the Delivery Dog; Bronk & Bongo; Thom Cat
      Victor and Mr. Papier are mail carriers who must help reunite two lovers; a pair of dogs are mistaken for world-famous German doctors; Thom Cat comes to the rescue when a bully ruins a young girl's tea party.
    • Flavio; SamSquatch; Girls on the Go
      An Italian goat dreams of becoming a great inventor; a little sasquatch leads an evil monster hunter on a forest tour; Kat finds a love letter in her locker
    • The Infinite Goliath; Kyle + Rosemary; Garlic Boy
      The Infinite Goliath is released on probation from intergalactic villain prison; Rosemary and Kyle meet and fall in love in an interactive video game; a young stalk of garlic heads out into the world to do good for others.
    • Bravest Warriors; The Dangerous Duck Brothers; Sparkles & Gloom
      Four children travel the galaxy helping those in need; a pair of daredevils attempt to perform a series of dangerous stunts; two sisters practice magic to perform at their school's talent show.
    • Krunch and the Kid; Bradwurst; Dr. Froyd's Funny Farm
      An 8-foot monster grieves over the loss of his pet frog; a grumpy sausage sabotages his friends' party; Dr. Floyd Froyd runs a rehab facility for insanimals.
    • Call Me Bessie!; Teapot; Hornswiggle

      An enthusiastic cow tries to convince her nervous elephant friend to go scuba diving / A fun loving rhino tries to be the sidekick of a jungle hero / A rap-loving boy and his best friend try to meet there rap idol

    • Hero Heights; Yaki & Yumi; Gary Guitar
      Hero Heights chronicles the friendship of two little boys in a suburban community where everyone and everything is super powered! Smart Alec is a telekinetic boy genius with villainous tendencies and Strikeout is a happy go lucky goofball with as he call it "Ultimate Baseball Skills!" Together they torment the neighborhood girls, Mindy 500 a petite, plump and super fast little diva and Electrisha a gawky, dentally challenged, basket case with shocking powers of electricity! Smart Alec and Strikeout's friendship is put to the test when they both fall madly in love with Olympia a pretty older girl with super strength who just moved in across the street! ; Yumi, a yoga-loving dragon, takes center stage in a local dance contest; Gary Guitar is determined to have a nice picnic with his girlfriend.moreless
    • Ivan the Unbearable; Boneheads; Tiffany

      A clumsy viking gains destructive hiccups from eating cookies that are made for trolls only / Rocco and Bone search for Babanas / Tiffany helps her human friend Peggy overcome her fear of horses

    • Finster Finster / Adventure Time / Mind the Kitty

      The Finster brothers battle with frozen chickens at the supermarket / Pen and Jake save Princess Bubblegum from Ice King / Three teens babysit a psychotic and crazy kitten

    • Solomon FIX; MooBeard the Cow Pirate; Two Witch Sisters
      Solomon FIX: A teddy bear named Solomon tries to befriend a young boy. Moo Beard the Cow Pirate: Pirates pursue an island treasure. Two Witch Sisters: Twins Dorothy and Carrot take a study break at the park.