Random! Cartoons

Season 1 Episode 3

Ivan the Unbearable; Boneheads; Tiffany

Aired Unknown Dec 13, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks
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Episode Summary

Ivan the Unbearable; Boneheads; Tiffany

A clumsy viking gains destructive hiccups from eating cookies that are made for trolls only / Rocco and Bone search for Babanas / Tiffany helps her human friend Peggy overcome her fear of horses

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    Andrew Dickman

    Andrew Dickman

    Filthy Viking, Working Troll #2

    Guest Star

    Jeff Doucette

    Jeff Doucette

    Ivan, Olaf

    Guest Star

    Maurice LaMarche

    Maurice LaMarche

    Bjorn, Working Troll #1

    Guest Star

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      • Tiffany: (after crashing onto a wall and speaks slurry) You sure got a lot of those walls in here... (falls down)

      • Tiffany: (sees her arm destroyed) CHEAP OVERSEA MANUFACTURING!!!! Oh the stories I can tell! (sees her fingerless hands) And whose brilliant idea was it to not give dolls thumbs?

      • Ivan: (after sniffing a cursed flower and sneezed which caused the village to explode) Aw boy, Ma's gonna kill me.

      • Ivan: Oh, I'm confused.
        Working Troll 1: Okay Mr. Confused. What's the problem? (Ivan hiccups and a vending machine falls and crushes the second working troll) Oh, you neglected the warning label I see. Mmhmm! Alright then. (pours a small cup of water and gives it to Ivan) Here, drink up!
        Ivan: (Ivan shrugs his shoulders and chugs the water) Well what do you know? I'm cured. Gee thanks a heap. Later.
        Working Troll 1: (to Working Troll 2) Good thing we got that health plan, huh>

      • Bjorn: FINE FINE FORGET IT!!! Go ahead in!
        Ivan: Really? I mean I could come back another time if it's too much trou... (Ivan hiccups again and a UFO comes and zaps Bjorn turning him crisp) How's Tuesday sound?
        Bjorn: Just go... Go... GOOOOOOO!!!! (Ivan dashes away and Bjorn's pointing arm falls down) Aigh!
        Ivan: Alright, alright. Don't gotta be so snippy.

      • Ivan: Can't I take a little peak then? (hiccups)
        Bjorn: (groans and a bird flies and pecks his head) AWWWW!!! GET IT OFF!! GET IT OFF!! (the bird flies away with his hat) HEY! (Bjorn grabs the hat pack and puts it on broken)
        Ivan: Uhhh, pretty please?

      • Bjorn: You can't just waltz right in there, you have to be authorized. Besides, no humans allowed.
        Ivan: Aw c'mon. I don't do anything bad. (hiccups and a dog sneaks in behind and bites him)
        Bjorn: OUCH! (a fridge lands on Bjorn's head and Ivan opens the fridge and removes the fish from Bjorn's eyes)
        Ivan: I suppose it wouldn't hurt to say sorry, eh?

      • Bjorn: (stopping Ivan) Hold up a minute. You have authorization to pass?
        Ivan: Well sir, I would have phoned in but they haven't been invented yet.

      • Ma: As you as you come in things break. (Ma sits on a chair and it breaks as soon as Ivan hiccuped) Like that.

      • Ma: (after Ivan knocks on the door) Go away!
        Ivan: But Ma, it's me! Your dear old son, Ivan! Back from pillaging and plundering and... all that good viking stuff!
        Ma: You deaf too? GO AWAY!

    • NOTES (3)

      • Boneheads is the only Random! short to have an original cutscene ending with the characters coming out a circle next to the exclamation point shouting "RANDOM CARTOONS!", similar to how most Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts ended with a similar wraparound when it aired on the show.

      • Boneheads was animated and created exclusively at Polygon Pictures in Japan with English voice recording and scripts done at Hollywood in Nick Studios, as if there doing a dub. Hadley Hudson is a writer of the short as his company, Radar Cartoons, represents Polygon in the U.S. and did a voice role as a striker in the short.

      • This is Andrew Dickman's first TV cartoon of his own creation being a man who mostly works with Flash animation and some writing on tv shows.

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