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Season 1 Episode 6

Krunch and the Kid; Bradwurst; Dr. Froyd's Funny Farm

Aired Unknown Jan 03, 2009 on Nicktoons Networks
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Krunch and the Kid; Bradwurst; Dr. Froyd's Funny Farm
An 8-foot monster grieves over the loss of his pet frog; a grumpy sausage sabotages his friends' party; Dr. Floyd Froyd runs a rehab facility for insanimals.

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    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Krunch, Rastamon, Announcer, Alarm Clock

    Guest Star

    Mark Hamill

    Mark Hamill

    Frank the Director

    Guest Star

    Karen Henry

    Karen Henry

    Perky Tour Guide

    Guest Star

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      • Lulu: (in Bossy's body trying to chase after Bossy who left the funny-farm) Dr. Froyd, when you get Bossy back in her own body, you got to put her on an exercise program. She's in terrible shape.
        Dr. Froyd: Thood ginking, Lulu. (thinks for a second) LULU?! (cartoon ends; iris out)

      • Dr. Froyd: Now, I need a volunteer to itch swidentidies with Bossy.
        Insanimals: You mean "SWITCH IDENTITIES?"
        Dr. Froyd: Excisely!!! Being someone else for an hour or two will help Bossy realize how wooly trendiful it is to be her.
        Lulu: That's brilliant.
        Dr. Froyd: Who will volunteer?
        Insanimals: (mumbling in disagreement)
        Lulu: (to Heranamus his pet dragonfly) Oh come on! I'd jump a chance to walk a mile in Bossy's shoes. Wouldn't you? (Heranamus shakes his head for No)
        Dr. Froyd: (tearing) No one? I'm so pissadointed?
        Nurse Duckette: Me toozzzz. Listen you selfish beasts. I want to see a volunteer take one step forward, NOWWW!!! (her eyes get a close up where she gives them a stare down, the Insanimals run away in fear)
        Dr. Froyd and Nurse Duckette: HEEEEEYYY!!!!
        Raging Bullfrog: COWARDS!!!!

      • Dr. Froyd: I may have developed a procedure that might restore Bossy's esteemy self.
        Bossy: You mean my, "self esteem"?
        Dr. Froyd: PRESACTLY! Raging Bullfrog, is my Denti-Switcharoo-Atron ready?
        Raging Bullfrog: (dashes with Dr. Froyd's invention) Yes doctor. I have it right here.
        Lulu: Oh, I love Dr. Froyd's high-tech gadgets.
        Dr. Froyd: Fabulent! Bossy, sink a teat!
        Insanimals: What?
        Raging Bullfrog: TAKE A SEAT!!!

      • Bossy: (runs out of a barn with a mirror in her face screaming and crying) LOOK AT ME!!! I'M A.. I'M A.... (cries more)
        Dr. Froyd: B-B-Bossy, much the watter? Uh, ducks the fatter? Uh, cuts the mat.. (Nurse Duckette covers his mouth)
        Nurse Duckette: WHAAATsssss the matter!!!!
        Bossy: Oooohhhh!!!! What isn't the matter? (cries hard) LOOK! I'M HUGE and hideous and... I EAT HAY!!! (starts munching on hay) And then... After I swallow the hay.... Do you know what I do? (sobs) DO YA??? (spits the hay) I bring it back up and I chew it again!!!!
        Insanimals: Yuuuuuck!
        Bossy: Yuck is right! I'M CADDLE! I BELONG IN A HERD! (cries) Mooooo-is ME!!! Moooo-is ME!!!
        Nurse Duckette: Aw, cut that cow patties, Bossy. (confiscates her mirror) You had the same complaint since the day you checked in. Your fine! YOUR BOVINE!!! GET USE TO IT!!!
        Lulu: Oooohhh! She's strict!

      • Jerry: Hey Willy, how come your not dancing?
        Willy: It's no party without Bradwurst.
        Jerry: Bradwurst is a jerk and he ditched you.
        Willy: (crying) No. It's my fault. I made bad punch.

      • Bradwurst: (opens a present and sees a red airplane) It's a Redwing Action Fighter! I've always wanted one of these! (Bradwurst plays with the redwing until he throws it on the ground and smashes it and starts crying) I'm Sorry Redwing! But if I can't have you, NO ONE CAN!!!! (throws the redwing away) Ooh! Another present!

      • Willy: Bradwurst sure is swell.
        Bradwurst: Bradwurst sure does smell??

      • Cop: Whose party is this?
        Bradwurst: (points at Willy) It's his party. I don't even know these jerks. See ya later suckas! (kicks frosting in cops eye) Hey Willie, YOUR PUNCH STINKS!!!

      • Jerry: Bradwurst is a jerk. I'm only here for the punch.

      • Willy: But Bradwurst, I don't know how to swim.
        Bradwurst : Your a shark! Of course you can swim! (Bradwurst pushes Willy to the pool)

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