Random! Cartoons

Season 1 Episode 13

Squirly Town / Fanboy / HandyCat

Aired Unknown May 23, 2009 on Nicktoons Networks



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    • Lance: (full body cast in ICU with a mad expression and he hears a knocking on his door) GO AWAY, ZOOPIE! I don't ever want to see you again! EVER! (Zoopie throws a paper airplane at Lance which reveals a sad caricature of him with the words "Me without You") Hmmm. Me.... without..... you. Your sad, huh? GOOOOOD!!!!!! NOW LEAVE! FOREVER!!!!

    • Lance: Okay, Zoopie. Where are we going?
      Zoopie: Trust me.
      Lance: Oh, Trust you?
      Zoopie: Trust me.
      Lance: But, you have never done anything to justify my trust. You exaggerated to the point of lying to me everyday. You've melted my house Twice! You've been so rude to my last three girlfriends, they BROKE UP WITH ME! Your just a horrible person and a dangerous friend.
      Zoopie: Lance, where is the love in that kind of talk?

    • Fanboy: (sees Chum Chum at the Ice Monster Bun Bun isle) Hey Chum Chum, what are you doing over there?
      Chum Chum: Uhhh... uhhhh.... Grabbing a cup. (grabs a Frosty Freezy Freeze cup)
      Fanboy: Great thinking, pal. Now hurry up.

    • Narrator: Yes. It's the dynamic duo of Fanboy and Chum Chum. Fanman's biggest fanatics. Always focused. Always.... focused... (notices Chum Chum stopping) Ahem. Focused?!

    • HandyCat: Drillbit, I just thought of somethin'. I've been tagglin with bees all morning and I did not get stung once. haha! This must be my lucky day. (he rings the door bell but a bee stings him on the bell, he screams and inflates) I think I'm allergic.

    • HandyCat: It's one thing to put there hive back up, but I don't appreciate being mocked. (shows a crude drawing of HandyCat scraming)

  • Notes

    • Chum Chum's outfit was originally going to look like Robin (of Batman fame) but the network ordered Eric Robels (creator) to change it.

    • Fanboy's color scene was more purple and gray than purple and green, and Chum Chum's outfit was more orange and more Robin-ish.

    • Legendary movie voiceover actor Don LaFontaine narrated the Fanboy! short. He died a year before the short aired.

    • Final episode and series finale of Random! Cartoons.

    • Russ Harris and Jerry Reynolds were the oldest animators / short creators for Frederator's Random! Cartoons. They previously collaborated with Fred on production of there short "O Ratz! Rat in a Hot Tin Can" for Cartoon Network's What-A-Cartoon show.

    • After this short, Perennial Pictures later made several bumpers, promos, commercials and shorts done in Flash, however they still use traditional animation at times.

    • HandyCat is Perennial Pictures' first Flash animated production as the company have always done traditional cel animated films and shorts. Fred Seibert was the one who suggested the duo to use the software ("go Flash!").

    • HandyCat was animated exclusively at Russ Harris and Jerry Reynolds' animation studio Perennial Pictures in Indianopolis, Indiana.

    • If you listen closely at the end of Squirly Town, you can hear a recording of Stephen Root (voice of Lance) saying "Did I say burrito? I'm so sorry."

    • This episode was delayed for a long while because Fanboy has already greenlit a series that is premiering around the same year so they are waiting until it premieres so they are able to air it.

    • While Solomon Fix was produced in CG at Red Eye Animation Studio, Solomon Fix was animated traditionally in 2D at Pencil Test Studios, the same oversea studio he used for Nickelodeon's Catscratch.

    • Doug TenNapel was already wrapping up production on both his Nickelodeon series, Catscratch and his first Random! short, Solomon Fix.

  • Allusions

    • Napoleon Dynamite

      The prototype version of Lenny Flynboyle's (Jeff Bennett in pilot; Wyatt Centric in series) appearance and voice mannerism is based on Napoleon Dynamite.