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Season 1 Episode 8

The Infinite Goliath; Kyle + Rosemary; Garlic Boy

Aired Unknown Jan 17, 2009 on Nicktoons Networks
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The Infinite Goliath; Kyle + Rosemary; Garlic Boy
The Infinite Goliath is released on probation from intergalactic villain prison; Rosemary and Kyle meet and fall in love in an interactive video game; a young stalk of garlic heads out into the world to do good for others.

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    S. Scott Bullock

    S. Scott Bullock

    Dr. Carnage, Mr. Abbot, Timmy

    Guest Star

    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Infinite Goliath, Hondo, Mechaneck

    Guest Star

    Alanna Ubach

    Alanna Ubach

    Mrs. Abbot, Samantha

    Guest Star

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      • Parsley: Hey! Let's go play baseball! (gives Garlic Boy her cap) You can be my catcher.
        Garlic Boy: Well, ok Parsley. But what if I... Stink? (chuckles)

      • Fungus: Okay okay, you stinkin stinka. It don't work, I crush your head and make a pizza. (he chugs down the tonic and his belly bloat is cured)
        Garlic Boy: All cured.
        Parsley: Garlic Boy, you hit a home run.
        Garlic Boy: I did good for folk.
        Parsley: Now go cuddle the twins, FUNGUS!
        Fungus: (the raccoons cuddle to his head) Augh!
        Raccoon Twins: Cuddle time!
        Fungus: Oh I hate that Garlic Boy!

      • Garlic Boy: (tries to give Fungus the tonic) Here, drink this.
        Fungus: Get that stinkin stink away from me!
        Garlic Boy: Why?
        Fungus: Cuz if I drink it I gotta cuttle the twins.
        Raccoon Twins: YEAH!!!

      • Fungus: I think I ate too much.
        Twin#1: Drink the tonic.
        Fungus: I am NOT DRINKIN THAT STINK!
        Twin#1: Why'd you ask us to take it then?

      • Fungus: Listen up, stinky. I don't like your stink. It stinks. The only reason Parsley likes you is cuz...
        Twin#1: Baseball broke her nose.
        Twin#2: She can't even smell my butt.

      • Raccoon Twins: CUDDLE TIME!

      • Harold: (as his character Arrow the Elven Ranger) I can't believe my parents are making me log off at 10. AGAIN!
        Martin: (as his character Gorak the Dwarven Warrior) Dude! That's totally sad.
        Willy: (as his character Fizzle the Gnome Wizard) So long as I get all my homework done, my parents are cool.
        Arrow: (mocking him) So long as I get all my homework done, my parents are cool.

      • Kyle & Rosemary: (the two see each other in the dance with Kyle dressed in vampiric goth garb and Rosemary as a stereotypical nerd) WOW! You look... WRONG! (both of them laugh and leave the dance)
        Rosemary: I can't believe you did this for me.
        Kyle: I can't believe how hard it is to find lace. (both chuckle) So uh... you feel like taking on the level 57 dragon in the Dungeon of Madness?
        Rosemary: How about; we just go get a soda?
        Kyle: That sounds good to me.

      • The Infinite Goliath: You are all fortunate that I was not the being I was 30 years ago.
        Roger Jones: Why? Would you chase us?

      • The Infinite Goliath: (to his pet cat, Mr. Bobo) MR. BOBO! You have clearly commanded to behave or be destroyed. You have chose to disregard that warning. So, farewell Mr. Bobo. You have messed with the Infinite Goliath's personal effects FOR THE LAST TIME! (Goliath summons electricity and sees Mr. Bobo licking himself) IN THE FACE OF CERTAIN DESTRUCTION, You take a BATH?! (laughs) I cannot stay furious. Your insolence is too cute.

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