Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew

Season 1 Episode 4

Dance Craze Challenge

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • Fysh and Chicks were given then song It's Goin' Down. However, they have to perform some of the steps in reverse.

    • Kabba Modern was given the G-Slide to dance to. However, each one of the members has to partner up and perform a lift.

    • Breaksk8 was assigned to do the Cupid Shuffle. However, for a section of the dance, they had to stay physically connected.

    • JabbaWockeeZ were given the song Lean Wit It Rock Wit It. However, they had to make the illusion that they are defying gravity.

    • Live In Color was assigned to put a spin on DJ Unk's 2 Step dance move. They also were supposed to exchange clothing during the dance.

    • Songs featured in this episode:
      2 Step- DJ Unk
      Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It- Dem Franchize Boyz
      G-Slide- Lil Mama
      Cupid Shuffle- Cupid
      It's Goin' Down- Yung Joc
      Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)- Soulja Boy Tell'em
      Chicken Noodle Soup- Webstar

    • In this episode, Status Quo does an upside-down version of the Soulja Boy.

    • At the end of the episode, it came down to Iconic or Status Quo to see which crew was going to move on. Status Quo was the crew that moved on.

  • Quotes

    • Mario Lopez: It is judgment time. America has spoken. These two crews, Status Quo and Iconic had the fewest votes from you at home. They both just performed with everything they had but the judges can only send one back into the competition, the other will be sent home. Status Quo, the judges said that ignoring your doctor's orders was risky but you did it anyways. JC said that you took you heart out of your chest and put it on the stage and your dancing was amazing. Iconic, judges said that your challenge was very hard but you pulled it off and Shane said that Gio, you're an incredible leader and you'll be sitting in the judge's seat one day. Which crew will be flying high and which crew will be flying home? The crew that will continue in this competition and still has a chance at becoming America's best dance crew is... Status Quo!

    • Mario Lopez: Wow! Status Quo gave the first shot. Now, Iconic better put on the offense!

    • Lil Mama: (About Breaksk8) I just want you to know that this is a competition and I hope you don't take what the judges say personally, because you are going up against the best. Being a skating crew, everybody is all ready against you like 'Aw, they on skates, they can't dance'. You got to bring it like y'all got to really bring it.

    • Lil Mama: (About the JabbaWockeeZ) When it comes to defying gravity, I would have never thought of doing it like that. Y'all crazy, I love y'all imagination, y'all go to the top with y'all imagination.

    • Shane Sparks: (About Live In Color's performance) The way y'all switched that jacket was perfect. I was like what are you going to do with those clothes? How they going to get that jacket over there?

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