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Martial Arts Challenge - Week 3

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    [1]Aug 23, 2009
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    What did everyone think of the Martial Arts challange episode.

    I personally liked the fact shane heard what the people were saying and decided to quit kissing butt and really tell it like it is. My favorite line of the night "Stop watching YouTube". I would of complained about the martial arts challange. But if beat freaks can do what they did with Sideplanks then these guys should of been able to kill this challange. I don't blame Steve from quest crew at all for the lack of great performances. These are things people who want to be America's best dance crew should be able to handle. But Rhythm City and Southern Movement i do agree were the best this week. And I really like that one guy who talked at the end when Southern Movement was eliminated really classy guy. But overall I really loved this episode, even though I know most people are going to use it as an excuse to say how bad the season is, I think this could possibly be the wake up call that tells the crews they can't walk through this competition hoping to avoid the bottom two. You have to bring it hard everytime and want to be the best every week. I want that fire from the crews back. I wanna see them go crazy. So far this was my favorite episode so far because the judges finally woke up and said what we've been thinking.

    Sorry I'm a rambler.

    Anyway what did everyone else think?

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    I hate the fact that America can't see that both Rhythm City and Southern Movement were two of the best dancing crews on the show, as evidenced by the fact that they were pretty much the only 2 crews who showed up last week. Freaking Afroborike couldn't even utilize Capoeria which is widely known as a dance based martial art. I'm not a fan of Beat Ya Feet Kings or Vogue Evolution either and both of them are somehow garnering votes. This could have been a great, high energy week and only a few crews decided to compete. Hopefully, it gets better from here.
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    AfroBorike should've gone home instead of Southern Movement. I thought it was lame to save them in the Beyonce Challenge over Artistry in Motion. I was upset to see them and SM go home because if any crew deserved to been eliminated, it should've been AfroBorike because they danced as though they didn't want to be there. Whereas, Southern Movement, gave their hearts out, but were wrongfully eliminated. They should've stayed and been on the top.
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