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Submission Guidelines

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    Here are the submission guidelines for America's Best Dance Crew:


    About the quotes. Please submit relevant quotes. An example is one of the Judges opinions on a performance. In that situation, here's how it should look like:

    Judge: (About Crew's Performance) I liked your performance.

    Of course, instead of judge, you put either Lil Mama, Shane Sparks, or JC Chasez. Whoever said it. And, instead of Crew's, you put the dance crew's name.

    Please do not submit quotes stating which crews are in the bottom two. The reason is that the bottom two crews will be stated in the trivia.

    You can also submit quotes by Mario Lopez. Like after a crew performs, he says something. You can say that.


    In this section, you can state the bottom two in the episode. You can say it in two ways:

    _______ and _______ were in the bottom two. _______ was eliminated.

    _______ and _______ were in the bottom two. _______ was saved.

    Also for trivia, you can state the music used in the episodes. You list the songs and the artist. No italics needed.

    Another thing is if each crew is given something different to use. Like in the Movies episode, they were given stories. In the Dance Craze Challenge they were given physical aspects. You can state the different challenges they were given.


    When submitting episodes, please give an appropriate summary, the correct episode numbers. When submitting recaps, please be very elaborate and describe each scene. Like what the judges thought of each crews performance.


    Please tell me where you got your piece of information from.

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