Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew

Thursday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jan 26, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • America's Best Dance Snooze

    America's Best Dance Snooze

    MTV. Pioneers of reality programming. Some say they faded into the background after record-breaking ratings with The Real World, spewing one brainless reality show after the next. You remember. There was Date My Mom, Taquita & Kaui, The Ashlee Simpson Show, and who can forget Bam's Unholy Union? Oh, wait a minute, maybe you don't remember. Don't fret. Not many of us do. But just when we thought it was all downhill for MTV, the programming geniuses at the network teamed up with Randy Jackson, not formerly of the Jackson 5, to create a poor man's version of Dancing with the Stars. From this union, MTV and Randy Jackson gave a deplorable birth to America's Best Dance Crew. Equipped with their very own website, America's Best Dance Crew gives us a full summary of their show. "Are you ready to pop and lock? Think it's time to take the Soulja Boy dance craze to the next level? Don't know what the paso doble or fox trot is? Good, 'cause we're bringing the streets to the stage in the new competitive dance series Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew!" Yup! That's it ladies and gentlemen. Each week, the twelve dance crews engage in an all out battle royale to uncover the best dance crew in America. Now, although America does the voting, MTV was determined to utilize the semi-celebrity, three-person-panel judging system. What great American reality show can live without that? The panel consists of former NSyncer, J.C. Chasez, choreographer to the stars, Shane Sparks, and hip-hop new-comer, Lil Mama. Let us review that list. J.C. Chasez is a boy-band has-been and has little advice to give young dancers in the business. Where was Justin Timberlake when we needed him? Shane Sparks may be the only respectable judge on the show. He actually has talent and is currently utilizing it choreographing artists such as Britney Spears, Omarion, and Lindsay Lohan. He gives excellent advice and is a professional instructor. Then we turn to New York's own Lil Mama. Her only fame; she had one hit single hit in 2007 and all we know about her is that her lip gloss is poppin. I guess Ciara or any other female in the business turned down the gig. And let's not forget the host! The ever-so-washed up Mario Lopez, better known as Saved by the Bell's A.C. Slater, is the ringmaster to this three-ring-circus. That's right folks. He's back and he still doesn't look a day over twenty. In each episode, he can be counted on to show us his moves, or lack thereof. You would never guess he was actually the runner-up on season three of ABCs Dancing with the Stars. The dancers are the only impressive aspect to this nightmare turned reality. They actually have talent, unlike those judging them. But, it seems as if the audience is more concerned with who has the best tricks and stunts. The viewers want the WOW factor. At-home-voters are not so much concerned with the technique and style like those who tune in to So You Think You Can Dance. Listening to judges who lack the ability to critique dancers with words other than dope, hot, slammin, and off the hook, the audience may find themselves lost in the entertainment, and not as much the talent. The crews have proven to be a diverse group of young talent with backgrounds in various dance styles. Kaba Modern, a group from California, specializes in isolations, while Iconic focuses on theatrical dancing similar to that on Broadway. Fysh 'n Chicks is the only all-female group left on the show, and JabbaWockeeZ wears masks while they dance. BreakSk8 prefers to dance on roller skates.

    The America's Best Dance Crew stage showcases amazing talent, but falls short on how to present it. Someone at MTV needs to give those directors a basic class on camera placement and movement. This camera crew seems confused as to whether they are taping a game show or a talent showcase. Be sure to catch this show on your DVR, otherwise you may miss many of the actual dance moves. This show lacks any known focal point. The majority of the shots come from an over-head crane camera that makes a 360 degree circle around the dance stage while the dancers are in motion making it almost impossible not to regurgitate. I wonder if they have any fixed cameras in place except for when the judges flood the airwaves with ridiculous nonsense babble. How can you expect viewers to actually see what is going on with moving dancers if your camera is constantly spinning around in circles? What better way to kill your ratings than to make your program unwatchable? The creators of America's Best Dance Crew lack the basic fundamentals of television programming. It was a good idea that was ruined by boring on-screen personalities, inadequate directing, lousy promotion, and cheesy reality contest patterns. If this show survives past the writer's strike and makes it to a second season, it will only confirm the fact that America has becomes zombies to the mind-numbing effects of reality TV. Is it that we are all that bored or has television ceased to offer any other options? I don't know the answer, but I do know we all will be talking about who the next top model is, we will turn in to see who wins the great race, and we will root for the biggest loser. May the television gods forgive us.

    America's Best Dance Crew airs Thursday nights at 10pm on MTV.
  • Awesome!!

    Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew is such an awesome show! This show takes nine competitive, skilled dance crews and have them face off for $100,000 and a touring contract and, the title of America's Best Dance Crew. Dang, there are nine dance crews, and they all are so good. However, some have to go. I really like Status Quo. I want them to win. They do humorous and amazing stunts on stage and they just blaze the stage. They are way too good. I presonally think that they are the best. There are the JabbaWockeeZ. They are the masked men. They are so mysterious on stage. They are probably the runner up. They are really good. Then there is Kaba Modern. They are awesome. They make really good isolations. They are just awesome. Also, there was Live In Color. They didnt deserve to leave. However, I felt that they got short changed. EVery week, when they receive there challenge, they were the ones who always had to go out of their style and dance, Other crews got songs and dances in their style. Live In Color was so good. They should still be on the show. I wasnt really feelin Fysh n Chicks. They wernt really that good. BreakSk8 should have left already. They are on skates, and they have an edge to dancing. However, the skates to bring a challenge. SO, they're OK. I wonder which crew will be America's Best Dance Crew.
  • Love IT!

    I thought this how was going to be boring, but the Thriller episode really got me hooked.I really loved most of the Dance crew's performances. Micheal Jackon's album Thriller is a classic and it was a very good dance choice... I really got into it becuase of the upbeat songs. I really liked the group who performed Thriller and PYT and the group called Status quo. This episode got me hooked...Before, I didn't even want to watch this show, now I don't even want to change the channel...If you are considering watching this show I recommend you watch it. I'm glad I gave it a chance...
  • Best dancig show ever!!!! :)

    This is one of the dance show that i do watch. The dances they come up with are amazing. My favortie crew is Statis Que. I hope they win. Know that Break Skate is off the show I don't care who wins, the final three crews are awsome. I was really mad when Live in Color got voted off the show. My favortie judge is Lil' Mama. My favoire week was when they had to dance to dances that had sweped the internet. Also, I liked the one where they had to inpetinate the movie vidoes. My least favortie was when they had to do the Broadway. I thought that that was a stupid thing to do.
  • The top three crews Status Quo, Kaba Modern and the Jabbawockeez were put on stage to find out who got Americas top vote. With a thin margin Status Quo got the safe Nod and moved into the next round leaving Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez to battle it out.

    This Episode blew me away with top performers Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez battling it out in a performance that included the evolution of hip hop. It left me with hard choice of which crew was better, but if I was a judge to pick one Jabbawockeez gets the nod. America picked Status Quo as top crew but I felt they did not live up to the status of being number one. They were all over the place with Flips and stunts but this is a dance competition and the dancing was not up to par. The Jabawockeez were the best crew in this show showing there creativity, dancing and performing for the fans. They always include the crowd somehow and thats what makes watching them so fun.

    Kaba Modern was best at dancing with little movements that hits hard to make each move more entertaining. Their only flaw was they did not bring the crowd in with there performance.

    Status Quo had great stunts but there dancing was below average. If they win based on flips and stunts I should do gymnastics to learn how to dance.
  • Why didn't I see this show before?!?!?!?!

    Out of all the "reality" shows on MTV, this is the one show that works and entertains. I'm so happy to say that MTV finally got it right and redeemed itself with such an energetic show showcasing dances I hold dear to my heart. I am a HUGE breakdancing fan and I don't know what else to say, except try to find 100 words to describe how much I love this show. I'm very happy to find great dance crews such as the JabbawockeeZ, Kaba Modern, Status Quo, and BreakSk8. They're all such awesome dance groups, so I'm looking forward to seeing Season Two!!!
  • This show was developed by the well known Randy Jackson of American Idol fame, The Countrys top dance crews go head to head in battle to see who can become "Americas Best"

    I personally love dance! so this show was right up my alley. Even if you not a huge fan of all types of dance I think theres something in it for everyone..These selected crews didnt just dance, they put on a show! Amazing talent throuh and through I would love to see more seasons to come of this.Iconic, Fysh and Chicks, Kabamodern and of cours Jabbawokees were a few of my favourite..they were all pretty good. The only problem with the show is some of the host Lil Mama annoyed me, and Jay-C didnt know what he was saying half the time
  • love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my this is far out what I like about it is that show differs in the style dance have to include ballroom but the dance crews have who takes it to the next level but the show really they can bring it. The show is seperates from "So You think you can Dance". but that waste time trying to cut down the good dance crews from the bad also the good thing they do include reprsenting the different regions of the U.S. Put in a another way Randy Jackson does a good job of bring the very good love to see it more. Thank you bring this showto tv.
  • America's Best Dance Crew Rules!! :)

    When I first watched it, I thought 'Everybody has tight moves to share in ABDC!!' I love it, especially Kaba Modern, Jabba WockeeZ, Break Sk8, Fysh & Chicks, and Status Quo!! They rocked the dance floor and wished some of them didn't get eliminated, but times kind of change a bit... Anyway, I hope the 2nd season of America's Best Dance Crew is more exciting like the last season! New dance crews, new challenges, new season, and a new champion!! With the thrills from our judges like last year, I'm sure they'll make the new season feel like new again, just like the last season!
  • Awesome!

    Well, Randy Jackon's America's Best Dance Crew is Awesome. Seriously. The judges, JC Chasez, Lil Mama, and Shane Sparks, the host, Mario Lopez, and the dancers/ dance crews, such as Kaba Modern and Fysh and Chicks all rock. This show is so entertaining; from the live auditions, the choreography, and the show itself. If you haven't seen this, you better start watching this. Simply put, it is awesome. One of my favorite crews is Kaba Modern, from America's Best Dance Crew's Season One. Many of my friends started to watch it, and they were inspiried. So go watch it and be inspiried!
  • It could use a little work, but this show is fun and different from most others out there.

    Dancing and step shows are exciting to watch, so a competition show should be more of the same. And it is-- most of the time. One of the few significant flaws is the judges' announcements, which tend to be slow and make the judges themselves look as if they are hardly interested. I was hoping to learn from them a little about the technical aspects of quality dance performances. I didn't. Nevertheless, the studio audience is having a good time, the teams can really come up with some impressive athletic stuff and you can't say you're going to see the same thing on every other channel. No drinking, no cussing and no spoiled celebrities throwing tantrums-- this show is a breath of fresh air in the reality television world.
  • Something this good should never go under the radar, Underappreciated is probably an Understatement!

    Randy Jackson Presents:America's Best Dance Crew... WHAT!!!!, is what I first thought when I heard of it. But of course being a product of the breakin' crew days I had to give it shot. Now, I'm only going to say this once, maybe twice, This is the Realest show that's ever been on Television!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, the talent and the choreogrphy makes that other show look like it should be called........................................
    "So You Wish You Could Dance".
    Icould talk about individual crews or people but the show simply speaks for itself. If you haven't made time to check it out, DoIt!! I'm watching it right now, so I'll break it down more in depth next time but for now...DO IT!!!!!!!
  • 100% best dance competition show!

    This show is absolutely entertaining and great! Like I said in the summary, best dance competition show!
    Every week, the crews surprise me with their talent. The dances are fun and easy to watch, unlike ballroom, which can get super boring at times.
    It's interesting, too, to see who's in the bottom and who's going home, especially seeing how your favorite crew is doing!
    All of crews have their own personal style, and that's what make them unique.
    Every week, there's a new challenge that tests their skills and how will they do with other dance styles. This great show is fun and exciting to watch!
  • this dancing is amazing on this show. gotta love it

    i think this show is amazing. the dancing, the stories, and the creative-ness(?) the first season was great. i really only enjoyed the jabbawockeez performance since nobody else had a chance.. but the 2nd season is tough. all the crews are great which is a good thing for the show. which also makes it more intersting cause you cant guess whos going home so you need to watch the next episode and the next and the next. this show has a wonderful opportunity for the crews and its lifting in poopularity. its a great addition to the mtv schedule. the crews are great at what they do. its an all around great show. trust me
  • supreme soul on he americas best dance crew tour!!

    supreme soul supreme soul supreme soul!!!! supreme soul needs to be on the americas best dance crew tour '08!!!! come on people!!!! e-mail producers!! rick austin!!!! e-mail him!! ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss! dont let supreme soul die down!! supreme soul is just as good as jabbawokeez and break sk8 and BETTER than fanny pak and super crew!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! find out a way!! e-mail randy jackson!! get a myspace or something, find them, and tell them!!!!! !!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! !
  • amazing show!!!!!!!!!!! i love it

    i like this show it's fill with a lot of enjoyment when you watch this show. you want to know who wins and you like all of them but only one can win. some of you think you have a chance at winning and it may be true but you never know for sure. i like this show because i remember when i first saw this show and i enjoyed and wanted to know what will happen and i was really excited about it. it was fast how they got to second season like 2 months after the finale of season 1 and that made me feel like a lot of people love this show. so next you are on mtv watch this show
  • I am not suprized!!!!

    The first season of this show was amazing but the second season was good untel the crew that won that just made me won't to go there and kill them that made me so mad i can't even remember there name. the first season was great my favorite was jabbawockeez and kaba modern they were the best to me they had the most tallent out of them all but i would have liked to see kaba win they were my favorite but they are still getting famous for being on the show, but the seacond season just made me mad be ond all belief the third season better be a lot better then the seasond i just hope that it is. =)
  • I think this show is great and I love tuning in every week, but lately things have been bugging me about the show.

    First off the show is great and I love watching the crews perform. I loved season one and season 2 (season 1 was my favorite so far.) But this season has such and agenda it is bothering me. It is clear the show was trying to promote the girl groups because boys won the first two seasons. And Fly Kicks should have been eliminated awhile ago, but the judges were told by producers that they had to survive or whatever so they could have that stupid boy girl challenge. Beat Freaks belong there, but the reason the first season was great was there was no agenda unlike now.

    And the judges are just annoying now. Shane is trying to serve his own agenda of pushing for b-boy crews to win.

    Lil Mama, hard to comment on her because I don't think she has said anything that she didn't hear Shane or JC say first. She has no business judging dancing.

    JC he's alright but sometimes I just get bored with him and what he says.

    Overall I watch the dancers then when the judges come on I change the channel and come back when they're done.
  • Better every season

    Season 3 was the first season I have ever watched of Americas Best Dance Crew. Good thing because I've been hearing it is the best one so far. I wanted Ring Masters in the beginning because there tricks were cool but got old fast. After Quests Britney Spears performance I fell in love with them from that one and everyone after that I am very happy they one. Shane that was so funny when he went like biker that week with the bandanna and the biker jacket HAHA that was so funny. Lil Mama sometimes annoys me because like she can love a crew but then hate them next week I don't get that. And J.C just is BLAH I wish they kept the guy in the beginning
  • First seasons were way better.

    I know this show showed more about multiculturalism and so on, but why? This is America! How is the 2nd runner ups going to represent for another country other than AMERICA! The 2nd runner ups (afro whatever you call them) did not have half the talent as Massive Monkeys. We are hereos were....OK but not for the best in America! Massive Monkeys all the way! It was probably set up so they didn't win because too many times "B Boys" keep winning! Overall...the other 3 seasons were way better. JabbaWockeeZ, Super crew, and Quest Crew were far more talented than these new winners....it was all for media...the first "GIRL" group to ever win. Ya ok.! Not to take anything away from them but if there was a battle between the 4 winning crews Im sure season 4 winners would be last. Sorry. Hope season 5 is better...and most all NOT "rigged".
  • bad show that has to many commercials and not a drop of talent

    on americas best dance crew i loved the first season... but with last years winners and this years contestants this show is in desperate need of the first season talent. i will a few crews are pretty good but c'mon what is with keeping those stupid floozys on the show.fly kicks are bad wanna be cheerleading crew. they have been in the bottom 2 several times and dance inconsistantly. judges and america please get it straight these crews arent that great with the exception of beat freaks and strikers all stars there is no talent in the third and some of second that hold anything to the earlier crews. GET IN RIGHT!
  • Probably my favorite dancing show of all-times,love it!

    This show is so refreshing and amuzing. The dance crews are definitely some of the best of america, very well chosen. The producers do a fantastic job theming each episode, I love that, you can expect a new challenge every week, and that makes it so much exciting than any other dancing shows out there. I love the customes and the feeling the crwe give, everything is so original and exciting that I honestly can't believe they put such great performances together in just one week! It's amazing, creative, just great.

    Now on it's 3rd season, I can see America's Best Dance Crew going for many more seasons, as long as there are talented young people out there, with big dreams, this show will live on to amuze us music and dance lovers!
  • only 3 of the 5 seasons so far was worth watching...

    The season has been up and down and to be honest, there was really only 2 seasons which were the best and stood out: season 1 & 3... 2 was good and the last 2 seasons (4 & 5) were very normal and the talents were very mediocre. The imagination and skill level portrait with groups like Quest Crew and Jabbawockeez was far more complex and definitely a higher caliber than the rest of of the competition... apart from the occasional groups like Super Crew, SoReal Cru, Poreotix, Blueprint Cru and Break Freaks who have shown some memorable moments... There has been some real awesome dancing and stunts on the show and even some new stuff which can be interpreted as either innovative, interesting or just plain freaky... I do hope it continues every year coz I do want to be proven wrong in regards to believing there are still good teams out there who can be just as good as those who have been..