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Fuji Television (ended 1992)



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Cursed to turn into a girl whenever splashed with cold water, and unwillingly engaged to the rather temperamental and violent Akane Tendo, 16-year-old Ranma Saotome's life is anything but ordinary. The feature films and OAVs have been moved to to the end to reflect their place in the series continuity.

Kappei Yamaguchi

Kappei Yamaguchi

Ranma Saotome (Boy-Type)

Sarah Strange

Sarah Strange

Ranma Saotome (Boy-Type) (Seasons 1 - 3, Movies, OAVs)(english dub)

Richard Ian Cox

Richard Ian Cox

Ranma Saotome (Boy-Type)(Seasons 4-7)(english dub)

Megumi Hayashibara

Megumi Hayashibara

Ranma Saotome (Girl-Type)

Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo

Ranma Saotome (Girl-Type)(english dub)

Noriko Hidaka

Noriko Hidaka

Akane Tendo

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  • Horrible

    It frankly disgusts me to see so many Rumiko-pussy riders on this site. I don't get it. One idiot even had the audacity to say those who like the legendary YuYu Hakusho would like a crappy series like 'Ranma 1/2'. What kind of stupidity is that?

    'Ranma 1/2' is filled with a bunch of one-dimensional, unlikable obnoxious characters, especially Ranma and Akane. Speaking of those idiots, I hated their 'romance' with an absolute passion. It was written in an overbearing, unrealistic fashion and the constant abuse between them drove me up the wall. Additionally, I wasn't fond of the fact that Akane could repeatedly hit Ranma for minor reasons, prime examples being showcased in the 'Nabiki, Ranma's new fiance

    Akane hit Ranma three flipping times for goodness sake, which included turning him black-and-blue. Disgusting. Man, do people around here really have such low standards that they'll like something that shamelessly reuses the same old corny material over and over and over again?

    The thing is as well I could forgive all that if the characters actually confronted their problems and worked to overcome them, but here's the thing... nobody changes! They stayed the same obnoxious douchebags they were when they first appeared on the scene. How many friggin' times can someone honestly chuckle at seeing Kuno adamantly pursue Ranma-chan while on the contrary, trying to slay male-Ranma, really before it gets boring? I can't.

    The unlikable, static characters in 'Ranma 1/2' is the reason why I detest this series' guts

    I HATE this series and the author herself, Rumiko. Overrated and all these biased, blind reviews sum it up.moreless
  • Hate getting blamed for Sh*t that isn't your fault? That's his everyday!

    The very first episode may come across as "WTF?!" but trust me, it will warm up to you fairly quickly. Although it seems it's all fun and games, there are some moments that catch you completely off guard with the darkness hidden just below the surface. I wonder myself how much can one person can take, but Ranma Saotome throws that out the window. He doesn't give in, and doesn't plan on doing so! The romance in this anime is lovely but also a "love-hate" game. Both Boy and girl chose to hide their feelings but it's plain as day they love each other! Did I mention there was 3 other chicks wanting his unwilling hand in marriage. An old classic but awesome, "laugh til you die crying" type of anime, worth adding to your list. For those InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho fans out there, you'll love this show!moreless
  • Ranma

    I love this show, some of the stuff that Ranma gets into is hilarious! Not to mention all those fiance's of his?
  • This show is awesome

    This show is about a 16 year old boy named Ranma satome. when he went to china with his dad. Ranma and his father both fell into a cursed hot spring. now whenever ranma gets splashed with cold water he turns into a girl and his dad turns into a panda. About one year later he learns that he has to get married with on of his fathers friends Daughters. The three girls choose the youngest daughter Akane to marry ranma. They later meet A stupid kid named Ryoga who fell in the cursed hot springs too and turns in to a black piglet whenever splashed with cold water. well their are lots of other characters too but you will have to find out about them yourself.moreless
  • this show was so good even the dub was decent until ep 68 when they changed va's

    when they changed the va's they killed the shows dub. i can't watch it its too bad i liked alot. Richard Ian Cox should of never been chosen as ranma's va. he lisped every 5 secoonds. I like him as inuyasha only. Then there was the principle with the jamaican accent. Did 4kids get to choose the replacement va's?

    before ep 68 the show is awesome no complaints except at how stupid akane is 87% of the time DX. It was a really awesome show and caused the birth of shows like tenchi muyo, shuffle, rosario vampire, the melancholy life of haruhi sazumiya, toradora ect.moreless

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